Yes, yes, yes: school is out! For some, this weekend sounds the death knell of the hectic daily rhythm. Be that as it may, whether the summer holidays have already started or not, a exciting summer awaits you in Combloux! Between unmissable events, outdoor activities, cultural events, entertainment for children, heritage visits and moments of relaxation, discover our selection of activities and unmissable outings to take full advantage of this long-awaited summer period.

The essentials of our destination for a successful summer

Great holidays in Combloux are synonymous with unforgettable moments. Whether you want to enjoy the pleasures of the mountains, relax by the water or venture on the hiking trails, head for the range of activities that our alpine destination has to offer.

Here are some of Combloux's must-haves for a successful summer.

In Combloux, enjoy a mountain of outdoor activities!

This summer in our village-resort, sports and outdoor enthusiasts are spoiled for choice, with, among others:

plan eau biotope combloux rhodo mont blanc baigneurs ciel bleu
Paul BESSON – OT Combloux


Swimming and idleness in the biotope lake

First of all, don't miss Combloux biotope lake for anything in the world: the first ecological body of water open to swimming in France! This place, offering a breathtaking view of Mont-Blanc, is the ideal place to cool off during the hot summer days. You can enjoy:

Discover the biotope of Combloux

vue Mont-Blanc alpage Beauregard


Hikes and mountain walks

Combloux, surrounded by majestic peaks, offers a variety of hiking trails suitable for all levels.

  • Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll through the village while discovering its rich heritage or
  • set off for a sportier ride of several hours offering a grandiose panoramic view,

Combloux is full of options to satisfy all your desires for hiking excursions.

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vetetiste sur sentier alpin face mont blanc


Discover the mountain by bike

There's nothing like mountain biking to explore the alpine landscapes of Combloux!

Combloux has a multitude of routes suitable for all levels and all practices, whether you opt for an electrically assisted mountain bike or a muscle bike. Get ready for thrilling adventures in the heart of the Combloux mountains.

All about mountain biking in Combloux

Immerse yourself in summer with our summer activities in Combloux!

Discover our program of entertainment and activities to make the most of your summer vacation in Combloux!

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing atmosphere of the mountains at dawn and dusk

This summer, explore the mountain in a different way:

  • take part in one of our hikes punctuated with storytelling breaks, whether at sunrise or at dusk!
  • and marvel at the golden hues of mountain dawn and dusk


Marche contée à l’aube

From astronomical dawn to golden hour, let yourself be told the fabulous story of the Universe and life on Earth in the company of the author Blandine PLUCHET. A walk punctuated by storytelling breaks and ending with a breakfast under the rising sun.

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Contes de la nuit

As we fall asleep, animals are waking up… The fairy Elaéra comes to tell you these secret stories that only the animals of the night know.

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Children's entertainment for unforgettable holidays in Combloux

This summer, get ready to experience some memorable moments of fun in Combloux! Make your children's eyes shine and offer them unforgettable memories, thanks to our wide range of fun activities. THE families will not be outdone with entertaining options that will delight young and old.


Stages petits Trappeurs Eté 4/5 ans

In the open air over 6 days, for 4/5 year olds, supervised by BAFA and professional activity leaders, your child will become independent within the small group. Games, forest, animal tracks, farm visit, various manual workshops with its picnic at noon.

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Stages Multisports Trappeurs 6-9 ans Eté

6 days in the open air, for 6/9 years old, supervised by professionals. Hiking with donkeys or dogs, tree climbing, farm visit, your child will become independent within the small group. Games and mutual aid in a benevolent atmosphere for all.

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Stages multisport Trappeurs Eté 10-13 ans

Outdoor courses over 6 days, for 10/13 year olds, supervised by professionals for an educational and playful approach to nature. Hikes with dogs, donkeys or horses, tree climbing, night in a tepee in the mountain pastures, trapper meal, creation of mobiles...

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Combloux Tourist Office


Peau de vache, l’enquête théâtralisée

Combloux, 1912. At “La ferme à Isidore”, a mysterious illness affects the cows, which succumb one by one. If all the animals die, the family is ruined. No more time to lose, we must find the origin of this evil and investigate piece by piece!

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Combloux Tourist Office


La grande récré

25/08: The inflatable structures scheduled for today are canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions. It's time to let off steam! Large inflatable structures will be accessible to children all afternoon on the forecourt of the Tourist Office to have a good time. Nothing like working out and having fun. (cancelled if…

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animation theatrale marche combloux stand devant office tourisme


A treasure hunt to brighten up your summer vacation

For these summer holidays, your little adventurers are invited to explore our picturesque village during a thrilling quest that will appeal to their imagination: the treasure hunt. The key to this fun game: an exclusive 100% local gift reserved for them!

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Let yourself be seduced by the magic of our summer events

Experience summer at its peak in Combloux! We look forward to welcoming you and sharing unforgettable moments in the heart of our mountains.


Come to the welcome drink to start your vacation on the right foot

Did you have a nice trip ? Are you ready for your holidays in Combloux? Every Monday during the summer holidays, come and meet us for a friendly drink, to plan your stay!

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Spectacle de rue Barock’n’roll

Take an animator full of himself, a very erudite guide speaker, a talented musician. Remember to sprinkle with humor, add a pinch of history and let everything infuse in the mountain village: You get Barock'n roll!

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Concours de pétanque

Pétanque competition organized by the Football Club of Combloux at the Plan Perret stadium. Meet at 9 a.m. for registration and start of the games at 10 a.m. Refreshment bar and snack on site.

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These great holidays, come and treat yourself during our barbecue-concerts!

Every Tuesday from 19:00 p.m., join us for a convivial moment during our barbecue-concert near the lake of Combloux. Bring your grills and let us cook them to your liking! A refreshment bar will also be present on site, to complete this pleasant evening.

Vibrate to the rhythm of the markets and flea markets in Combloux

This summer, the streets of Combloux will come alive with flea markets, colorful markets and cultural events that will make you discover the soul and authenticity of our region.


Brocante antiquité et collection

Ready to hunt? Want to find vintage that will delight collectors? Exhibition and sale of collections, books, popular art, tableware, furniture...

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légume frais aux champignons dans une caisse en bois à l'étal de marche


Stock up on good products at the Combloux market

Don't forget to take a detour to the Combloux market! Every Wednesday morning, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and discover the region's artisanal products. This is the perfect opportunity to taste Savoyard delicacies and bring home authentic souvenirs.

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The highlights of summer holidays in Combloux

Don't miss the highlights of summer in Combloux! Join us and let yourself be charmed by the beauty of our alpine village as well as by the magic of our summer events! We look forward to welcoming you and sharing unforgettable moments with you in the heart of our mountains.

plan ensemble peloton tour de france combloux vu de loin arriere plan aravis


Le Tour de France

Combloux will have the honor of hosting the mythical Tour de France, with an unprecedented arrival of the time trial on July 18. Be in the front row to experience the excitement of this legendary sporting event.

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Déambulation théâtralisée “Légendes de Combloux”

Travel through Combloux to discover its Legends, in the land of graniters. Departing from the Town Hall, let yourself be guided by the fascinating story of the actors during a simple stroll through the heart of the village. Accessible to everyone.

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the Tourist Office


Le grand spectacle des Légendes

How about we continue to share our Legends of Combloux with you? The Tourist Office becomes a magical place with a ten-minute sound and light show projected onto the facade of the building! A beautiful memory guaranteed for all!

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Relaxation and well-being in Combloux: Escape the stress!

Taking time for yourself is essential to recharge your batteries and refocus during this summer break. During the long holidays, give yourself this precious time to find balance and serenity. Let yourself be immersed in the tranquility of our alpine destination and treat yourself to an unforgettable wellness experience.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in an idyllic setting

In Combloux, we make every effort to make your well-being an absolute priority during your summer stay.

OT Combloux


Yoga en Famille – enfants

What if… Parents and children shared a common activity? Family yoga is a friendly moment and an exceptional opportunity to meet in a different way and to strengthen ties by practicing a physical and playful activity all together.

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OT Combloux


Qi Gong

Course offered by Karine Perrin: Qi Gong is an energy practice from traditional Chinese medicine based on movement and breathing. Qi Gong harmonizes the energy in the body to maintain its health.

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