Yoga with its postures and breathing exercises will bring you incomparable physical and mental well-being. Practicing yoga in Combloux means enjoying a soothing and inspiring environment.

Yoga according to Christine Haristoy, yoga teacher in Combloux

“How to explain in a few words what yoga is, because it is Life, from philosophy, through spirituality, which is not religion! With multiple psycho-physical practices, currently it is often likened to a super gym! It is to limit its capacities of transformation…

In fact, it is above all an art of living, an inner ecology, a tool for self-knowledge, for harmonizing all aspects of the being that we are, and this will guide us in order to live as harmoniously as possible. with others and nature, the living.

It is to cultivate discernment, to become responsible for one's actions, words and thoughts, in benevolence and determination, to distance oneself from stress and its causes. Physical practice develops this inner discipline and helps maintain good health, breathing and pranayama opens us to the subtle and inner peace, Meditation allows us to be, simply be in the present. It's a long road, a real road of life...

In Combloux, we have an ideal setting, a haven of mountains and greenery to explore the Living within us and around us. To pamper and protect it, is our job as humans and this framework is in danger, just like the planet, the only way to change this is to modify the way we live, for ourselves and together...

What yoga offers. »

Christine Haristoy, Life Path Yoga

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