Enter the depths of the earth and explore its underground! Caving will give you a magical experience beyond time and space.

What is speleology?

Speleology is an activity that consists of exploring the underground. Equipped with specific equipment, you will follow a route inside a cave where you can admire galleries, rooms and rivers. Throughout the course, you will encounter various obstacles that contribute to the magical atmosphere of this activity.

From simple walks to large verticals, everyone can choose the level that suits them.

Practice speleology around Combloux

Our caving service providers offer several routes depending on your level, suitable from the age of 6. Discovery outing, family or adventure, choose your next challenge!

A passionate instructor will take you, in complete safety, for a few hours of sensations to discover the underground passages. Several routes are possible, from the most accessible to the most committed. The equipment is provided by the service provider.

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