Every May 1st, the Pays du Mont-Blanc Intermunicipal Agricultural Council returns to Combloux. His ambition? Highlighting local agriculture and promoting the region's products... while being a meeting place for breeders, local producers, professionals in the sector, inhabitants of the region and curious people who want to know more more about the agricultural environment that surrounds them.

The festivities of this gathering of farmers in our picturesque alpine village include, among others:

  • un Abondance cow competition,
  • un farmers market from the country,
  • of animations musicals,
  • a play area for children,
  • a refreshment bar
  • as well as stands for tasting local products.

Shed light on this colorful annual folkloric event.

Next edition of the Agricultural Show

Sunday May 1, 2024

Rurality at the heart of a traditional and friendly event

Le 1er may is a date to mark with a white stone in Combloux: with the Comice Agricole, all the agriculture of the Pays du Mont-Blanc is in the spotlight in our picturesque village… and it's worth the detour!

This rural, spring and local festival is eagerly awaited by the inhabitants of Combloux and its surroundings. And for good reason: it is a great opportunity tolet yourself be captivated by the cultural attractions of the region while immersing yourself in local folklore. 

In short, if you are in the region on May 1st, do not miss this unmissable event for anything in the world!

To celebrate the international workers day, the Pays du Mont-Blanc has chosen to give credit where credit is due. Allowing to promote their profession who participates in the richness of our exceptional territory, the Intercommunal Agricultural Council supported by the municipality of Combloux, allows our local farmers to collect some fruits of their hard work.

In this spirit, agricultural competitions and happy entertainment for all ages follow one another in front of the place of the Combloux Tourist Office as well as in the entire village.

In order to brighten up this day centered around the agricultural heritage of the Savoie as it should be: music, folk dances and demonstrations of country are in order.

Marine MARTIN – OT Combloux
local cheese producer stand - Combloux Agricultural Show 2023 edition

Thanks to the presence of a farmers market regional and local product tasting stands, the Agricultural Council of the Pays du Mont-Blanc also wants to be a gourmet meeting.

Inhabitants, breeders, field workers, local producers and professionals in the sector are warmly invited to Combloux to come celebrate the rich agricultural heritage of Upper Savoy all together – in joy, good humor and conviviality.

By the way, what is an agricultural show?

An agricultural show is a rural protest with ancestral looks (its origins date back to the XNUMXth century in France), whose missions are nevertheless part of the spirit of the times.


  • de promote local agriculture, being a showcase of it
  • to present the producers' know-how – testimonies of ancestral traditions that are dear to us
  • to dissertate around the evolution of agriculture – for the purpose of improving cultivation and breeding processes.

It is therefore an important event for the farmers and producers of the Pays du Mont-Blanc who will then have the opportunity:

  • to present their work and their quality products,
  • to interact with other professionals in the sector,
  • to participate in an inter-municipal livestock competition,
  • enhance the quality of their production.
Marine MARTIN – OT Combloux

With the Agricultural Show of the Pays du Mont-Blanc, the tradition lives on in Combloux!

With the organization of the Pays du Mont-Blanc Intermunicipal Agricultural Show, the municipality and the farmers' association of Combloux are putting the small dishes in the big ones for promote local agriculture and craftsmanship, who make the pride in our destination.

On the occasion of this traditional annual festival, the Combloux village center is reserved for pedestrians to turn into a real meeting place.

Marine MARTIN – OT Combloux

Along their journey, visitors will then have the opportunity to:

  • to explore the narrow streets of the Pearl of the Alps,
  • to soak up the riches of the Combloran cultural heritage

But also and mostly :

  • to discover a wide range of products from local farms. Want to buy in circuit courses? they will of course be available for direct sale.
  • to learn about the challenges of agriculture in the Pays du Mont-Blanc

The election of the most beautiful specimens of Abondance cows from the Pays du Mont-Blanc

Each edition of the Agricultural Show of the Pays du Mont-Blanc in Combloux hosts a large-scale cattle competition.
Testimony of agropastoral traditions of our territory located at the foot of the French side of Mont-Blanc, agricultural competitions are commonplace within each locality of our small natural region.

However, it is only in 2022, driven by the desire to restore the image of agricultural activities practiced throughout the upper valley of the Arve, that our village-resort with a strong cultural identity – together with the farmers' association of Combloux – took the reins of the organization of such an event on an inter-municipal scale.

With the aim of highlighting the finest specimens of “Race Abondance” cows and heifers of the Pays du Mont-Blanc, this cattle competition is in itself a great opportunity to come and meet the farmers, exhibitors and inhabitants of our community of commune.

Program of the 2023 edition of the agricultural show of the Pays du Mont-Blanc

Monday, May 01, 2023

All day :

  • Market of small producers: cheeses, charcuterie, seasonal vegetables, honey, spices, but also cosmetics, crafts, motorized and agricultural equipment
  • Bars and snacks | We attractive prices at participating restaurants
  • Musical entertainment, traditional Savoyard dances


9:30 am - 12:XNUMX am:

  • Abondance cattle competition by sections and special prizes

From 12h :

  • Discourse
  • Musical entertainment by the folk group L'Trope
  • Animation with Tradition Country
  • Catering (association stands and restaurants in Combloux)

13h30 - 16h

  • Abondance cow competition by sections

The Comice Agricole 2023 in Combloux: All the practical information

How to participate in the show?

Do you want to take part in the new edition of the Comice Agricole du Pays du Mont-Blanc? To do so: nothing could be simpler!

Whether you want:

  • have the cows on your farm compete
  • present the products of your farm
  • participate in this great gathering as an agricultural exhibitor

email us your request. The organizers of the event will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Marine MARTIN – OT Combloux
close-up cows abundance agricultural show combloux

Traffic and parking conditions in Combloux

Please note that as this major spring agricultural competition approaches, traffic in downtown Combloux will be somewhat disrupted.

Therefore, from Sunday April 30 at 7 a.m. to Monday May 00 at 01 p.m. :

  • Departmental road 212 will be closed to traffic, from the Prairy roundabout to the Tourist Office roundabout (From Sallanches – Detour via Rte des Chères | From Megève – Detour via Rte de Basseville)
  • Parking will be prohibited in the village center. On the other hand, it will be possible in the Town Hall car park, as well as at the bottom of the Cristaux car park.
  • On the day of the Agricultural Show, agents will be present to facilitate parking and place cars along the RD1212.

Our local agricultural show in pictures

Relive in images previous Agricultural Shows of the Pays du Mont-Blanc in Combloux, while waiting for the next edition of this inter-municipal gathering of farmers!

Photos of the 2023 edition

2022 retrospective

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