Summer or winter, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Legends of Combloux. This themed event explores the stories and legends of Combloux and the Pays du Mont-Blanc, through a theatrical stroll full of humor and anecdotes, a sound and light show like you've never seen before, and entertainment for the whole family.

An event inspired by the history and legends of the village

From the birth of Mont-Blanc to the advent of winter sports, from the working of granite to the animals that inhabit our mountains, the Legends of Combloux are inspired by the true history of the region to create new tales that will arouse, each year, the curiosity of young and old.

After 3 great seasons, we look forward to seeing you for winter 2022-2023, to discover the theme of the Legends of Combloux, season 4!

videomapping legend of Combloux on tourist office facade in the middle of the night

The Legends of Combloux - Season 4: In the Land of Graniteurs

This winter 2022-2023, the Legends of Combloux put the heritage of the Pays du Mont-Blanc in the spotlight. "Au Pays des Graniteurs", the 4th edition of this unmissable event 100% made in Combloux, will transport you through the history of the famous stonemasons specializing in granite.

poster legende combloux 2023 wolf moonlight block granite

On the program of this comblorane epic around heritage: theatrical wandering, videomapping, treasure hunt and entertainment in the village… in short, something to amuse (and educate) the whole gallery!

Yes: this year again, The Legends of Combloux will delight young and old !

Synopsis of Season 4: In the Land of the Graniteurs

videomapping facade tourism office combloux night show

Coming from the Mont-Blanc Massif, created by the powers of nature several million years ago, the granite rests peacefully in the forests of Combloux.

However, a particular rock holds a special power: eternal life. It is jealously guarded by a mysterious ageless lady. In 1844, the arrival of Piedmontese graniters in Combloux changed everything. Guido discovers the stone and will unwittingly awaken dark forces that have been buried for a long time.

come have a good time alone, with family or friends ! Attending the Légendes de Combloux – flagship event of the winter season – is guaranteed de mix culture and entertainment.
In addition, this unique event 100% "made in" Combloux is totally free ! Enjoy!

Key events around the Legends of Combloux


Déambulation théâtralisée « Légendes de Combloux »

Travel through Combloux to discover its Legends, in the land of graniters. From the Town Hall, follow the actors and let yourself be carried away in this wonderful story (recommendation: dress warmly). Shuttle service provided, last departure OT 19:30 p.m.

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Le grand spectacle des Légendes

How about we continue to share our Legends of Combloux with you? The Tourist Office becomes a magical place with a ten-minute sound and light show! (recommendation: dress warmly). Shuttle service provided, last departure OT 19:30 p.m.

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Chasse au trésor

Put on your investigator outfit to solve the riddle of the week, according to the Legends of Combloux. Discover Combloux, its granite buildings, to find all the key clues and leave with the treasure 100% made in Combloux.

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La boîte à Légendes

Experience a market stall like nowhere else and be swept up in the 'biting' tales of the valley. Mountain fables, facetious stories of Combloux and many surprises: all you have to do is choose and enjoy!

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Welcome Drink – Welcome to Combloux, Country of Graniteurs

In order to put you in the mood from the start of your stay in our charming destination, Combloux invites you to a welcome drink could not be more original.

A free activity followed by a glass of friendship, intended to immerse you in the folklore of our alpine village! 

Program of the weekly Grand Evening of the Legends of Combloux

Every Thursday evening, from December 22, 2022 to March 23, 2023, your charming destination facing Mont-Blanc invites you to its unmissable winter rendezvous.


Between theatrical wandering through the narrow streets and sound & light show, the Grand Evening of the Legends of Combloux promises to brighten up your winter evenings.

For the 4th edition of the Legends of Combloux, Sylvain and Alizée of the company " Visiting Simone » offer you to relive the history of the Graniteurs, these famous Piedmontese stonemasons specializing in granite.

We should also mention that the artistic team of these weekly theatrical performances includes Louis-Marie, our pharmacist from Combloux, a volunteer actor “in his spare time”.

Teaser of our weekly Big Party

Let's get back to our granitators. These colorful characters from Piedmont have a story to tell. Having come to settle in the Pays du Mont-Blanc at the end of the XNUMXth century, they were an integral part of the combloran heritage.

Through a staging at a time hard-hitting et offset, funny dialogues as well as 100% unpublished anecdotes on the history of Savoy, the 4th season of the Legends of Combloux will exclusively reveal a sometimes ignored page of thehistory of the Pearl of Mont-Blanc.

Whether you are from Haute-Savoie or elsewhere, this enchanting spectacle of winter 2022-2023 is a unique opportunity to dive into theincredible universe of Graniteurs !

Ambulance: 1st part of the Legends of Combloux

Alone or in the company of your entourage, come and take part in a theatrical tour of Combloux.

This must-see performance from the Beauregard schoolyard, you will make you discover the key places of our picturesque village, as you have never seen them….

Tous les jeudis at 18:00 p.m.

from Thursday 22 December 2022 to Thursday 23 March 2023 (duration 50min)

  • From the courtyard of the Beauregard school ➡ near the town hall of Combloux
  • Free
  • As the show takes place outdoors, we strongly recommend that you bring what you need to protect yourself from the snow and the cold (shoes, clothes).
  • Report indoors in case of bad weather
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How to get to the start of this event?


Theatrical stroll "Legends of Combloux"

Town hall road
74920 Combloux

2nd part of the evening: VideoMapping “Au Pays des Graniteurs”

Spotlight on Combloux! Highlight of the Legends of Combloux show – in the Land of Graniteurs, this videomapping projection on the facade of the Tourist Office will impress you. Immerse yourself in this sound and light show open to all !

With, at the start of the program, the prize-giving of the Treasure hunt, our little budding investigators will be honored during this animation that will make our Tourist Office shine with a thousand lights.

  1. Treasure Hunt Prize Giving
  2. Sound and light show

Tous les jeudis at 19:00 p.m.

from Thursday 22 December 2022 to Thursday 23 March 2023 (duration 10min)

  • on the forecourt of the Combloux Tourist Office
  • Free
  • It is strongly advised to dress warmly
  • Report indoors in case of bad weather
  • Additional information on

How to come to the big show of the Legends of Combloux?


The great show of Legends

49 Passerands Road
74920 Combloux
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Getting to the Combloran nighttime events by shuttle

Do you want to attend this emblematic nightlife of our destination, but don't feel like taking your car?

For late nights 0 hassle in Combloux, only one solution: opt for the free ski bus shuttle !

4th edition of the Treasure Hunt, a 100% family activity

This year, your little heroes are invited to discover our picturesque village, through a epic treasure hunt which will appeal to their imagination. The key to this original treasure hunt: an exclusive 100% local gift!

As usual, the Legends of Combloux put them children in the spotlight through one of their favorite game ! This funny animation around the theme of the Graniteurs, will keep the whole family spellbound from Sunday to Thursday, until its outcome at the Grand Evening of the Legends of Combloux.

To succeed in unraveling the mystery that hovers below the fourth season of Les Légendes de Combloux, participants will have to solve a series of puzzles thanks to which they will be able to go to the search for clues – geometric shapes – scattered in the granite buildings of the village.

So, don't wait any longer: take the map and go explore our charming destination in order to unravel the investigation!

How to participate in the Legends of Combloux Treasure Hunt?

The Combloux Tourist Office gives you appointment from sunday, to start the treasure hunt.

Every week this winter, from Sunday to Thursday

from Sunday 18 December 2022 to Thursday 23 March 2023

  • Meet at the Combloux Tourist Office

This entertaining activity is aimed at children above all, but parents are of course welcome to help their little budding investigators to solve the various puzzles!

To participate in this treasure hunt around the theme of graniters, it is compulsory to register at the reception of the Combloux Tourist Office.

  • Registration possible from the Saturday preceding the welcome drink.

As far as practicality is concerned and as previously mentioned, each clan will then have until the following Thursday to solve the puzzles, before knowing the end of the story during the Grand Evening of the Legends of Combloux.

La prize-giving of this fun game will also take place on the occasion of this great show : un nice time to share with family in perspective.

  • Tariff: 6 €
  • Age: from 5 years old
  • Additional information on

La Boîte à Légendes – Winter entertainment at the Combloux market

theatrical animation marche Combloux stand in front of the tourist office

As you now know, in season, our charming village-resort lives to the rhythm of the Legends of Combloux.

We are pleased to announce that The Legend Box is making a comeback this winter on the Combloux market as part of this unmissable event of our destination.

attend free of charge at this atypical theatrical animation who shares with you, without moderation and with a touch of humour, cultural anecdotes around the Pays de Savoie. The opportunity to brighten up your Wednesday morning, and to combine business with pleasure while stocking up on good local products!

  • Discover a stand like you won't find anywhere else
  • Do not miss a crumb of the "biting" stories of the valley while having a good time!
  • Let yourself be immersed in local folklore and enter the heart of high heritage site what is the Mont-Blanc country.

Stalls crowded with forgotten mountain fables, facetious stories of Combloux and many surprises: you just have to choose!

Find the Legend Box all Wednesdays of school holidays only.

  • Meet at 11 a.m. at the Combloux market, located in front of the Combloux Tourist Office

Meet on Wednesdays:

  • 21th December 2022
  • 28th December 2022
  • 08th February 2023
  • 15th February 2023
  • 22th February 2023
  • March 01, 2023

Welcome Drink – Welcome to Combloux, Country of Graniteurs

Did you have a nice trip ? Are you ready for your holidays in Combloux?

Meet our team as well as our partners and service providers for a presentation of the week's entertainment and activities. Free drink, ecocup €1.

Every Sunday of the winter holidays

Find the special Legends welcome drink in Combloux all Sundays of School vacation.

  • At 17 p.m. on the forecourt of the Combloux Tourist Office
  • Animation followed by a glass of friendship

Between the snow-covered slopes, the local specialties to taste and the treasures of Comblorans, our company "visiting Simone" makes you discover thehistory of our village picturesque through a theatrical animation 100% brand new!

Meet on Sundays:

  • 18th December 2022
  • 25th December 2022
  • 05th February 2023
  • 19th February 2023
  • 26th February 2023

How to come to the welcome drink?


Welcome drink

49 Passerands Road
74920 Combloux
Calculate my route

Small aside question transport. If you want to take advantage of these welcome drinks without counting the cost, while then returning home safely, have the right reflex: think of our free winter shuttle !

Relive previous seasons!

While waiting to discover more about the new season of Legends of Combloux, dive back into the tales and stories of previous seasons.

Season 3: A combloran through time

Jean-Loup is a 16-year-old combloran. He loves his life in the village: friends, skiing, football and trips to the biotope during the holidays. His family runs a very old sawmill in the Beauregard mountain pasture. Generations pass but woodworking remains. Moreover, some members of the family display a very distinctive and mysterious sign: a compass around their neck. To obtain it, it is necessary to respect a family tradition, but Jean-Loup does not hear it that way and argues with his family. What follows is a journey through time, filled with adventures...

Season 2: The Mystery of Akelaloupis

In 1924, Combloux was a popular place for high society. All of Paris gathers there, to enjoy unbridled holidays, breathe the fresh air, and initiate with the means at hand what will one day become “winter sports”. During a prestigious ball at the Grand Hôtel, a jewel of inestimable value was stolen from Princess Joséphine DeChanteloup La Tanière: the Akelaloupis. This extremely pure crystal, cut in the shape of a wolf's head, would possess magical virtues. Caught in his escape, the thief sowed clues of the hiding place in the form of riddles before disappearing. Today, the crystal is still there, hidden somewhere in Combloux for 95 years...

Also find the Légendes de Combloux podcasts on the various listening platforms.

Season 1: The Wolf Combe

For this 1st edition of the Legends of Combloux, the chosen theme was “La Combe aux Loups”. The expression Combe aux Loups is traditionally used to explain the etymological root of Combloux.

A combe, with wolves... nothing better to imagine a staging around this animal and its evocations! Besides, perhaps you saw a certain Marcel Mitraille passing through the streets of Combloux? It seems that this one is looking for the wolf...

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