Summer and winter alike, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Legends of Combloux. This event explores the stories and legends of Combloux and the Pays du Mont-Blanc, through a theatrical stroll full of humor and anecdotes, a sound and light show like you've never seen before, and entertainment for everyone. there .

The Legends of Combloux is the unmissable weekly meeting of our destination, putting the heritage of Combloux under the limelight.

From the birth of Mont-Blanc to the advent of winter sports, from the working of granite to the animals that inhabit our mountains, the Legends of Combloux are inspired by the true history of the region to create new tales that will arouse, each year, the curiosity of young and old.

New edition, new theme! After 4 seasons, the 5th season of Legends will take you on a unique journey around Savoyard agriculture.

Season 5: The Field of Bells

Combloux, 1924, it’s the arrival of spring!

Gaston prepares the climb to the mountain pastures of his entire herd to the sound of the Toupine, the village's lucky bell. But a cunning rooster will burst in and disrupt the animals' habits. Where will these shenanigans take Combloux?

Discover it this summer in Combloux.

Teaser for season 5 of Legends of Combloux

On the program for your legendary week

The Treasure of Legends: the treasure hunt


Le Trésor des Légendes : la chasse au trésor


Put on your investigator outfit to solve the enigma of the week, according to the Legends of Combloux. Set off to explore Combloux, to find all the key clues and leave with the treasure 100% made in Combloux.

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The Legends Box: Stories told


La Boîte à Légendes : Histoires contées


Discover a market stand like nowhere else and let yourself be drawn into the “biting” stories of the valley. Mountain fables, playful stories from Combloux and many surprises: all you have to do is choose and enjoy!

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Theatrical stroll of the Legends
Combloux Tourist Office


Déambulation théâtralisée des Légendes


Explore Combloux to discover its legends “The field of bells”. Departing from the Town Hall, let yourself be guided by the actors' fascinating story during a simple stroll through the heart of the village. Accessible to everyone.

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The Great Legends Show: architectural video performance
the Tourist Office


Le Grand spectacle des Légendes : performance video architecturale


Highlight of the Légendes de Combloux show “Le Champ des Sonnettes”, witness a magical moment with this ten-minute video mapping projection on the facade of the Tourist Office! A beautiful souvenir guaranteed for everyone!

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The theatrical wandering of the Legends: immersive experience

Dramatic wandering of the Legends of Combloux Season 5

Alone or in the company of your entourage, come and take part in a dramatized stroll of Combloux.

  • Free
  • As the activity takes place outdoors, we recommend that you bring warm clothing
  • Report indoors in case of bad weather
Opening hours August 29, 2024
Thursday Open from 21 p.m. to 21:55 p.m.

Starting point of the stroll

The Great Show of Legends: architectural video performance

Spotlight on Combloux! Highlight of the Légendes de Combloux show, the videomapping projection on the facade of the Tourist Office will impress you. Immerse yourself in this sound and light show open to all !

Videomapping of the Legends of Combloux Season 5

Prize ceremony for the Treasure of Legends (Treasure Hunt)

Just before the start of the show, the little budding treasure hunt investigators will be given their treasure!

Opening hours August 29, 2024
Thursday Opens at 21:55 p.m.

The Treasure of Legends: the 100% family treasure hunt

Treasure hunt of the Legends of Combloux Season 5

This year, your little heroes are invited to discover our picturesque village, through a epic treasure hunt which will engage their imagination. The key to this original treasure hunt: an exclusive, locally produced gift!

To succeed in unraveling the mystery that hovers beneath the 5th season of Legends of Combloux, participants will have to solve a series of enigmas thanks to which they will be able to go to the search for clues in the village.

So, don't wait any longer: take the map and go explore our charming destination in order to unravel the investigation! This entertaining activity is aimed at children above all, but parents are of course welcome to help their little budding investigators to solve the various puzzles!

The Combloux Tourist Office gives you appointment from Sunday, to start the treasure hunt. You will have until Thursday evening to solve the riddle and come and collect your treasure during the Great Legends Show.

Price: 7 € / child

Age: from 5 years

Sunday to Thursday (every week of summer)

Available at the Tourist Office reception.

Relive previous seasons

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