In Combloux, enjoy a wide range of activities for the whole family and in all seasons!

Winter activities galore

A large number of occupations in all seasons

You will have understood it: in Combloux, everything is implemented so that each visitor can spend a unforgettable stay in the Alps, and thus return home with stars in their eyes.

All our activity tests to discover!

We tested for you: a hot air balloon flight facing Mont Blanc

During the Montgolfiades de Praz sur Arly, we had the chance to live a unique aerial experience: flying in a hot air balloon facing Mont Blanc. Let us tell you about this unforgettable adventure and above all, explain to you how this aerial activity invented by the Montgolfier brothers in 1783, the first time man flew, takes place.…


We visited for you: the Observatoire des Alpes in Sallanches


We tested for you: the Giant Swing facing Mont-Blanc


We tested for you: rafting with Session Raft


We tested for you: the canyoning of La Belle au bois


We tested for you: visit to Les Montagnards farm


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