Characterized by the profusion of colors, gold and sculptures, the Baroque movement largely inspired the architecture of religious buildings in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries in the Savoy. The Saint-Nicolas de Combloux church is a perfect example.

Starting point of the Baroque Trail, Combloux is the ideal village for a cultural stay to discover the architectural treasures of the Pays du Mont-Blanc.

The Saint-Nicolas Church, a jewel of Alpine Baroque art

Majestic with its 45 m high bell tower which stands out against the mountains in the background, the baroque church of Combloux is an unmissable part of any cultural stay in the Pays du Mont-Blanc. Built between 1702 and 1704 on the site of a former sacred building, the church of Combloux is dedicated to Saint Nicolas, patron saint of children, merchants and sailors.

Destroyed during the Revolution and rebuilt in 1828, its elegant double-domed bell tower and double octagonal gallery, overhung by a cross and a rooster, is reputed to be the finest of bulbar art Savoyard and has been listed as a historical monument since 1971.

The altarpiece, also listed as a historical monument, is distinguished by the beauty of its polychrome carved wooden components and its gilding.

Among the remarkable elements, let us mention in particular the stained glass windows, the paintings including the frescoes under the awning retracing the life of Saint Nicolas, the organ brought back from the cathedral of Nevers as well as the sundial, the oldest in the Pays du Mont-Blanc. .

Discover the Baroque art of the Alps

Discover the Baroque heritage of the Alps, from the Pays du Mont-Blanc to the Roya and Bévéra valleys in the Alpes Maritimes. The Facim Foundation offers themed stays around the Baroque in the heart of exceptional natural territories.

Combloux, starting point of the Baroque Trail

Closer to home in the Pays du Mont-Blanc, hike or cycle on the Sentier du Baroque, a 20 km long themed trail from Combloux to Contamines Montjoie. Along the way you will come across some of the most beautiful churches and chapels in the region.

Hike on the Baroque Trail

Discovering the Baroque jewels of Combloux

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Historic site and monument

Chapel of Ormaret

Historic site and monument

Medonnet Chapel

Historic site and monument

Cruet Chapel

Historic site and monument

The Baroque St Nicolas Church

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Medonnet Chapel

Erected in 1637 by François Morge and Anne Crozat.
According to legend, after her miraculous recovery from a form of plague, Anne Crozat and her husband climbed up from Sallanches on their knees and fell from exhaustion to Médonnet, where they expressed the wish to build a chapel. It later served as protection against wolves.

Baroque music, an art inspired by Mother Nature

Baroque Music Festival

In July, baroque music is in the spotlight! For 15 days, travel through new concerts in the heart of the churches of the Pays du Mont-Blanc and the Chamonix valley.

Find out more about the Baroque Festival of the Mont-Blanc region

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