Want to discover the treasures of the region, while traveling in a responsible and serene way? So, embark on our guide to transport and soft mobility in Combloux, where a range of solutions await you for smooth and pleasant travel.

Enjoy a unforgettable stay in the heart of the French Alps, with some ecological and economical options for easy access to our alpine haven. Ready to hit the road to evasive heights? It is here, in Combloux, that the exploration begins!

Focus on sustainable mobility in Combloux and the Pays du Mont-Blanc


Getting around Combloux and its surroundings

Want to enjoy the joys of our alpine destination, less the clutter of the car? In Combloux, summer as winter, keep your vehicle warm!

The Combloux shuttles connect the village center to the Portes du Mont-Blanc area, for easy and free access to the ski area in winter or hiking/mountain biking routes in summer.

Transport services in the Pays du Mont-Blanc

Find here all the information you need to easily plan your public transport routes in Combloux and its surroundings.

photo of brand new borini coach

New: secure hitchhiking in the Pays du Mont-Blanc

The Pays du Mont-Blanc Community of Communes now offers a secure hitchhiking network: Rézo Pouce.

90 stops are indicated by green signs with a thumbs up.

Service is available upon registration from 14 years old (with parental authorization).

2 modes available:

  • Stop mode: go to a Rézo Pouce stop.
  • Carpooling mode: make an appointment on the app for one-off or regular carpools.

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Soft mobility in Combloux and the Pays du Mont-Blanc

Whether for your home-work journeys, your shopping outings, your tourist getaways or your cultural discoveries: there is a thousand ways to integrate soft mobility into your daily life !

Let yourself be guided to a ecological and responsible journey to Combloux thanks to sustainable modes of transport carefully implemented by the municipality. A small journey for man, a big step towards the preservation of our environment!

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