On board the 4S luge (luge on rails, all season), live an experience rich in emotions day and night.

4S sledding: what is it?

The 4S toboggan is a toboggan on rails that works all year round! Alone or in a duo, climb into a toboggan and get ready for a great adrenaline rush between successive banked turns, tunnels and variations in altitude and speed.

Nocturnes are organized every Thursday evening until 22 p.m., from July 14 to August 25, 2022! As soon as night falls, the lights and music come on for a cozy atmosphere...

4S sledding in figures!

  • 715m descent
  • 365m climb
  • 95m drop
  • Maximum speed: 36 km / h

Course of the activity

  • Buy your descent at the Jaillet checkout or on the CB terminal
  • Embark on a sled, buckle up and let yourself be taken to the top of the course (the ascent is automatic)
  • At the top, when the light is green, be ready to start!
  • Let's go ! Use the handles to choose your rate of descent

Leave with a souvenir!

To immortalize your descent, a souvenir photo is taken in the 1st tunnel during the descent. Don't forget to smile!

The photo awaits you near the finish: €2 (payment by credit card).

Practical information for 4S sledding

Number of descentsPrice per sled (2 people maximum)
1 descent8 euros
6 descents40 euros
10 descents61 euros
  • Children between 3 and 9 years old must be accompanied.
  • The descents are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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