If you stay in Combloux, don't miss discovering the old “PLM (Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean)”, an emblematic building erected at the beginning of the 20the century at the entrance to the village and which played a central role in the tourist development of the region until the Second World War. This large white building, which is distinguished by its architecture mixing art nouveau and art deco style, has witnessed numerous transformations over the years.

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A transformed park

Until the mid-50s, the park of the former PLM covered an area of ​​10 hectares stretching from the center of Combloux to what is today the ZAC roundabout (also called the graniteurs roundabout). It included in particular the surface where we now find the body of water biotope. In 1924, on this part which faces the breathtaking panorama on the Aravis, the Fiz chain and the Mont-Blanc massif, a six-hole golf course was created to entertain the clientele, particularly English, who greatly appreciated this practice.


An ice rink facing Mont-Blanc

It was also in 1924, on the occasion of the first Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, that the PLM had an ice rink built and invited professionals to put on shows, once again positioning the PLM as an unmissable resort event. Although this ice rink no longer exists, it is still possible to spin on the ice in the ice rinks of the Pays du Mont-Blanc.

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Traces of the past

On the path leading you from the lake to the old PLM via the tennis court, you will see on your left an ancestral granite bread oven. Granite constitutes an important part of the history of the village with the arrival in the 19the century of stonemasons from Piedmont. This know-how continues to be passed on today and you can discover all its secrets with guided tours of the Laurenzio family.

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Regionalist villas

Opposite the entrance to the PLM, if you turn your head to look across the road, you can admire five regionalist villas built at the end of the 1920s by the architect Fleury Raillon and the landscaper John Lachenal who developed the PLM park Architectural trend between the end of the XNUMXthe century and the middle of the 20the century, regionalism is inspired by local architecture and revisits it.


The first ski lift

In 1935, the PLM installed the village's first ski lift with a ski lift system, starting from the current Feug road and going up to the village of Ormaret. This ski lift then represents the beginnings of the Portes du Mont-Blanc ski area which will celebrate its 90th anniversary in the winter of 2024-2025.


An illustrated story

The history of PLM is also immortalized through more than 800 illustrated posters printed by the PLM company to promote holidays and winter sports in Combloux and subsequently summer stays. Some of them can be consulted within the book Mont Blanc appears published by Glénat available at the Combloux Tourist Office and on the Online Store. 

To learn more

For an in-depth discovery in images, don’t miss the new work The Grand Hotel PLM du Mont Blanc editions of Slope Museum  to be published at the end of November which will look back on life within this palace, particularly during the Roaring Twenties.

Discover Combloux from home

You are not there but dream of wandering the streets of the village for a few moments to discover the emblematic monuments and their stories? Download the free “Visite Combloux” mobile application and let yourself be guided.


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