This year, for Halloween, we invite you to revisit one of the most comforting fall recipes: tartiflette. But be careful, we will reveal our special recipe: “la tartitrouille”, an adaptation that is both creative and delicious and will add a touch of magic to your Halloween evening or your next tartiflette.

The recipe for real tartiflette

At the heart of the tartiflette, you will find simple but powerfully comforting ingredients: potatoes, onions, smoked bacon and, of course, Reblochon, a soft cheese with an incomparable taste. The magic happens when these elements come together in an earthenware dish, cooked together until the cheese melts, creating a delicious harmony of textures and flavors. The ideal dish to put a smile on your face when the weather is gloomy!

The ingredients of the original tartiflette

Pour 4 personnes:

  • 1 well-made Reblochon (preferably farmer’s!)
  • 250 g chopped onions
  • 1 kg of potatoes
  • 200 g of smoked bacon or bacon
  • Ail
  • Olive oil
  • Pepper
  • Salt

Abracadabra, you will transform into tartitrouille!

To transform your tartiflette into a Halloween tartiflette, it's very simple. Simply divide the quantity of potatoes by 2 and add a cubed pumpkin/squash/butternut to replace the missing potatoes.

To concoct your Halloween tartiflette, all you have to do is follow the steps below!

The steps of the Halloween tartiflette recipe

Step 1: preparation of ingredients

Peel and cut the potatoes, onions, and your squash/butternut or pumpkin into small, even pieces.

Step 2: cooking

Pre-cook your pieces of potatoes and squash in a pan, preferably with a little olive oil (with water it is also possible). When everything is nicely browned, remove from the heat.

At the same time, brown the onions. When melted, add the bacon to the pan.

Cooking Tartiflette ingredients

Step 3: cutting the reblochon

Cut the reblochon in 2 lengthwise. You can cut one of the 2 halves into small cubes or keep the 2 halves whole.

Cutting the reblochon for the tartiflette

Step 4: assembly

When all the ingredients are ready, it's time to assemble them in the gratin dish (terracotta if you have one).

First, rub the dish with the garlic clove.

Then, arrange all the elements in the dish: a layer of potatoes, squash, onions, bacon, then the first half of the reblochon. Add the rest of the ingredients on top then finish with the rest of the reblochon, placing the cheese rind towards the inside of the dish.

A touch of indulgence

Be careful, for tartiflette purists, close your eyes and skip this step immediately!

If you are the gourmet type, do not hesitate to add a little cream and/or white wine before placing the rest of the reblochon on top of the dish!

Step 5: it goes in the oven!

Bake your masterpiece in the oven at 180-200° (thermostat 6-7) for 20 minutes. When the cheese is browned, it's ready!

Save the visuals to make the recipe!

A lighter and more balanced tartiflette that should appeal to the whole family. Good tasting !


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