The revisited Halloween tartiflette: tartitrouille!

This year, for Halloween, we invite you to revisit one of the most comforting fall recipes: tartiflette. But be careful, we will reveal our special recipe: “la tartitrouille”, an adaptation that is both creative and delicious and will add a touch of magic to your Halloween evening or your next tartiflette.…


Portrait of the territory: Tony Peytoureau, talented young pastry chef and chocolate maker

If you have a sweet tooth and a love for art, the work of Tony Peytoureau, pastry chef at Délice de Combloux, will hold your attention. From the top of his 22 years, this culinary artist “never comes out of his egg”. Having a singular vision of pastry, it is the head full of projects...


Raclette risotto, an original and gourmet dish to try this winter!

Like every winter, on the podium of dishes from our region, we find the traditional raclette. But like everyone else, we often have eyes bigger than our stomachs and we always have a little cheese and cold meats left… What should we do? Eat raclette again the next day? If it's not…


Behind the scenes of blueberry pie

The blueberry tart is a traditional pastry from Savoie and Haute-Savoie, which sublimates these small wild berries, picked in the heart of our mountains. We paid a visit to the bakery and pastry shop Aux Délices de Combloux to have them explain to us how their blueberry tart is made! The star ingredient: blueberries Before…


Reblochon fondue in a bread crust and its bacon crisps

Haute-Savoie is a mecca for mountain gastronomy and for hundreds of years many cheeses have been made there, all of which have a history deeply linked to their territory! Today, let’s focus on one of them: Reblochon. Reblochon in a few figures 48 cows 000 people who keep the subsidiary alive…


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