First time skiing in Combloux or first time skiing altogether? You probably have a whole bunch of questions running through your mind! Don't panic, this ultimate guide will answer all the questions you may have to organize and enjoy your ski trip!

When to go skiing in Combloux?

From January to March: the best months for skiing in Combloux

The best time to ski in Combloux is the months of January, February and March because these are the periods when the snow depths are the best.

Skiing outside school holidays: the ski slopes all to yourself

For slopes just for you, book your ski trip outside of school holidays during the months of January and March. In addition, thanks to dynamic pricing, you will be able to benefit from better prices on your ski passes.

Skiing in Combloux in December: years with and without snow

Skiing in Combloux for the Christmas holidays is always a gamble! If you come to Combloux to ski as a priority, we advise you to wait until January. In December, there are years with excellent snow cover, while others the snow is more sparse and the snow cover at the bottom of the ski area is complicated.

Ski rental: where to choose your accommodation in Combloux?

Have you never been to Combloux and are a little lost when it comes to the choice of accommodation on offer? Let us give you some tips on finding the ski vacation rental that suits you best!

Combloux is an authentic mountain village located at an altitude of 980m. Its Les Portes du Mont-Blanc ski area is located 2,5km from the village center. All around the center, several hamlets make up the village such as Le Cruet, Les Intages, Ormaret, Prairy, Le Médonnet…

I go skiing every day from morning to night

Just one piece of advice for ski enthusiasts: bet on a rental at the foot of the slopes or a hotel on the snow front like the Alpen Valley !

I'm going to ski a little and enjoy the resort's activities and entertainment

The ideal location for you will be the village center. You will be able to take advantage of the shops, restaurants and activities offered throughout the week. To access the ski slopes, you will then have to take the station shuttle or go to one of the 3 free parking lots in the ski area with your vehicle.

I come without a car

This year it’s decided, you will come and enjoy the mountains and skiing by public transport ! We advise you to book your accommodation at the foot of the slopes ou near a shuttle stop. You will be able to enjoy skiing without transport problems!

The hamlets near the shuttle stops are as follows: Renardières, Colomb, le Barratti, le Bouchet, la Balancerie.

Please note, if you do not have a vehicle but plan to vary your activities during the week, prefer accommodation in the village center to have access to the shops.

My priority is to be calm

Favor the hamlets of Combloux, further away from the main living areas such as Ormaret, Prairy, le Médonnet or even les Intages (be careful, this hamlet is located on the other side of the mountain – above the access road to Saint -Gervais les Bains).

However, you will have to walk or take your car to access shops and services and to participate in entertainment and activities.

I'm going to ski in the Evasion Mont-Blanc area

To get closer to the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski area, you can look for accommodation near the following hamlets: les Intages, leFeug or Demi-Lune (Demi-Quartier). You can then access the ski area by the Princesse gondola (Princess car park in Demi-Quartier).

Please note, however, that there is no shuttle service in these areas or local shops.

Book your Evasion Mont-Blanc package.

Trust our experts

Take a few minutes to contact our destination experts. They will be able to advise you on accommodation suited to your needs and will offer you a quote at the best price!

Combloux accommodation service
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Which ski pass should I take?

In Combloux (as in all ski areas in France), there are several types of packages depending on your needs: 4 hours, full day, 6 days, etc.

group skiers

Your ski passes up to -40% with your accommodation

I want to ski day by day

To ski without obligation, depending on your mood and your fitness level for the day, this is the 4-hour or day pass that you need.

I want to ski all week

The 6-day package is made for you! It will allow you to have a better price than by purchasing 6 day passes individually.

If you book your accommodation via the Tourist Office, your 6-day ski passes are discounted up to -40%.

I come with family

Take advantage of the family offer:

-10% reduction for the simultaneous purchase of at least 4 paid packages of 1 to 21 consecutive days of the same duration with 2 children minimum.

I also want to ski on Evasion Mont-Blanc

If you want to ski in Combloux but also discover the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski area, opt for the discovery package.

I am a beginner: I want to ski peacefully

To introduce you to the pleasures of skiing, the beginner package is ideal. It gives you access to the ski lifts at the bottom of the resort for a very reasonable price.

I am a student

If you are a student and you are under 25 years old, you can benefit from a reduction on your one-day ski pass.

The student package is only available at the checkout upon presentation of proof.

I don't ski but I want to get to the top of the slopes

We thought of everything! The pedestrian pass will allow you to reach the summit of Combloux like skiers.

Skiing in Combloux: what to book in advance!

When you go skiing for the first time, you don't always know that certain services must be reserved in advance otherwise you will no longer have availability. Here are the essential services to reserve in advance:

Of course, first of all, book your accommodation and transport to come to Combloux. The most popular accommodations are sometimes booked a year in advance. The sooner you get started, the more choices you will have.

Find your accommodation

Search for your transport

If you want to join us without taking your personal vehicle, use our Go Combloux service to find your door-to-door transport!

Book your ski lessons

Because we don't all have the patience to teach our children to ski, trust our instructors.ESF Combloux. Your children will have a great time on the slopes in individual or group lessons.

Lessons are also offered for adults because it is never too late to learn to ski!

Book daycare

To have your children looked after, book your childcare as soon as possible. child care services.

In Combloux, you can benefit from 3 daycare services: Gardi-Ski, classic daycare ou leisure reception.

Reserve your ski equipment

You don't have your own ski equipment: don't panic! Our equipment rental companies offer you rental packs adapted to your level. By booking in advance, benefit from a better choice and advantageous prices. And so you don't forget anything in your suitcase, consult our checklist of essential equipment for skiing in Combloux.

The essential equipment for skiing in Combloux

To ski, you will need some essential equipment. Here is a list of essentials for your ski day:

  • A valid ski pass
  • A pair of skis in your size (or a snowboard)
  • Comfortable, well-cut shoes
  • Poles for the famous pole stand (unless you are snowboarding)
  • A ski suit or a pants + jacket set (suitable for skiing)
  • Warm clothing: thermal underwear, fleeces, tights, ski socks, etc.
  • A pair of gloves to protect your fingers from hypothermia
  • A helmet for your safety
  • A pair of sunglasses or a mask to protect your eyes
  • A backpack to store your picnic: unless you prefer a stop at the mountain restaurant ?
  • A camera, smartphone or action camera to immortalize landscapes and your favorite skiing moments
  • Un collar size so as not to catch a cold

Before putting on your skis: are you properly insured?

Unfortunately, an accident can happen during a ski trip. And to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to check whether or not you are insured for these different reasons:

  • le runway rescue
  • medical costs
  • reimbursement of services (ski passes, ski lessons, etc.)

Be careful off-piste!

The ski area is secure thanks toPreventive avalanche triggering which ensures the safety of skiers on the marked slopes of the ski area.

As a skier, if you ski outside the marked slopes, you incur your own responsibility, particularly due to the risk of avalanche (which changes daily depending on the weather conditions and the snowpack). Some insurances do not cover off-piste rescue costs.

To know : off-piste skiing begins as soon as you ski outside of a marked trail.


As a ski resort, we do not recommend off-piste skiing. If you still decide to go off the marked trails, you must take the following precautions:

  • Be sure to consult today’s Avalanche Risk Estimation Bulletin (BRA)

  • Take the essential safety equipment: ARVA detector, probe and shovel.
  • Don't go alone! In the event of an avalanche, if accompanied, the emergency alert can be given and an immediate search using the ARVA can be carried out by your partner. The first minutes for the buried victim are crucial.
  • Go accompanied by a mountain professional for more security

The essential documents for your ski trip

Your first day on the slopes of Combloux

Wondering what a typical day of skiing looks like? Let us give you a little insight!

Powder skiing


Think about the ski pass

If you already have them, don't forget them!

If you don't yet have your ski pass, you can buy them at the Tourist Office or directly at the start of the slopes.

Points of sale

Skiers in Combloux


Don't forget your equipment

Whether stored in your car or waiting for you at the rental store, don't forget your ski equipment and accessories that will make your ski day more pleasant and safe.

Combloux skibus shuttle


Getting to the ski area

By car or shuttle, you can reach the ski slopes in just a few minutes.

See the ski area car parks.

The station shuttle


Discover the ski area

It’s time to enjoy the slopes!

Find the slope map in digital format to enjoy the ski area and its magnificent panoramas.

Map of the slopes

Fondue on the terrace with Mont Blanc


Lunch break

It’s already time to fill your stomach: and yes, skiing makes you hungry!

If you haven't brought your picnic, go to one of the many restaurants on the snow or high altitude to get something to eat.

On the tracks

Skiing on powder facing Mont Blanc
@Marine Martin


A few more descents

There are still a few hours left to enjoy the slopes... But pay attention to the closing times of the ski lifts!

Opening of slopes and ski lifts

After-ski: what to do in Combloux after your day of skiing?

Gourmet après-ski at the end of the afternoon

Post-ski evening: devour a few calories at the restaurant

In case of injuries

Did your first ski descents give you a hard time and you have some aches or pains?

The Combloux medical center and pharmacy welcome you all winter.

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