If you are injured on the slopes or witness an accident, you must alert the ski patrol service at the Portes du Mont-Blanc ski area as soon as possible.

Rescue on the slopes Portes du Mont-Blanc

Call him : +33 (0)6 63 34 60 78

Combloux rescue trackers

In case of injury on the slopes

If you are injured during your ski trip, for example by falling, and you are injured and unable to get back down to the bottom of the slopes, and alone, you must contact the first aid ski patrollers by telephone:

Rescue on the slopes Portes du Mont-Blanc

Call him : +33 (0)6 63 34 60 78

Witness an accident on the slopes?

If you witness an accident or notice someone injured on a slope, here are 2 ways to alert the ski area's emergency services: 

  • Call the trackers’ mobile: 06 63 34 60 78 (fastest way when there is network)


  • Go to the nearest ski lift or ticket office. All station staff have a radio in contact with the rescue trackers.

When alerting, it is important, as far as possible, to remain calm and provide the following information:  

  • The location of the accident – ​​example: marker no. 4 of the Bouquetin piste
  • The number of injured
  • The sex of the injured person and whether it is a child or an adult
  • The approximate nature of the injury – example: knee or shoulder pain

If you have witnessed a collision, It is important that you remain available to the rescuers to pass on your contact details and possibly help.

When a collision has occurred, the track emergency service transmits the contact details of the witnesses to the gendarmerie to collect information on what they saw, in particular for the insurance of the injured who need to have all the information available. on the nature of the accident.

Prices for on-piste rescue

Please note, on-piste rescue is not free and requires advance payments that are sometimes very substantial (several hundred euros or more).

Below are the 2022-2023 prices for slope rescue in the Portes du Mont-Blanc ski area:

To avoid costs, consider snow insurance

Before starting your ski day, remember to check that you are covered by your insurance in the event of a skiing accident but also for rescue on the slopes. Please note, these are 2 different expense items and your personal insurance does not automatically cover both!


With E-Gloo ski insurance – ski insurance in the ski area:

  • No advance fees
  • Complete and specific coverage for skiing (even off-piste*)

* Off-piste accessible by a ski lift


Where to buy your snow insurance?

  • You can add snow insurance for the day when purchasing your ski pass online or at the checkout.
  • If you ski more frequently, it may be interesting to opt for seasonal insurance.

Off-piste: responsibility and safety

The marked slopes of the ski area are secure and preventive avalanche triggering is carried out to ensure the safety of skiers.

Outside of marked trails, there is a risk of avalanche, which changes daily depending on weather conditions and snowpack. Off-piste skiing begins as soon as you ski outside of a marked trail.

Off-piste skiing: you are responsible

As a skier, if you ski outside the marked slopes, you are responsible. Some insurances do not cover off-piste rescue costs.

As a ski resort, we do not recommend off-piste skiing. If you still decide to go off the marked trails, you must take the following precautions:

  • Be sure to consult today’s Avalanche Risk Estimation Bulletin (BRA)
  • Take the essential safety equipment: ARVA detector, probe and shovel.
  • Don't go alone! In the event of an avalanche, if accompanied, the emergency alert can be given and an immediate search using the ARVA can be carried out by your partner. The first minutes for the buried victim are crucial.
  • Go accompanied by a mountain professional for more security

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