Regularly the scene of crucial passages of the Tour de France, Combloux maintains a close link with the prestigious cycling race. Our village-resort has also been chosen to receive, this summer, the arrival of a decisive test of the Grande Boucle: a time trial starting from Passy. What surprises does this 16th stage of the famous cycling race have in store for us? What are the best spots to witness the arrival of the runners in Combloux? Dive into the heart of CLM Passy Combloux! This event promises to be unforgettable since it is the only time trial of the 2023 edition of the Tour de France.

➡ All the captivating details of this unmissable event of the 110th edition of the Tour de France are here!

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An unprecedented arrival in Combloux for the 16th stage of the Grande Boucle

Our charming destination at the foot of Mont-Blanc has been named the arrival village of the 16th stage of the Tour de France 2023. For its 4th day in Haute-Savoie, the legendary French bicycle race will be marked by a competition against the shows between Passy and Combloux.

Ce Tuesday July 18 2023 , to conclude the individual time trial stage, the cyclists will cross the finish line in a remarkable setting with a spectacular panorama facing Mont-Blanc. We couldn't have dreamed of a better way to complete the pinnacle of cycling.

Professional and amateur cyclists, local and international supporters, summer vacationers or simply curious visitors; We are expecting many of you in Combloux on Tuesday 18 July to welcome the teams of this 110th Tour de France with fanfare!

Passage of the Tour de France 2023 to Combloux: What you need to know 

Route, stages, city of departure and arrival, mileage… find key information here to fully enjoy the most festive day of the summer in Combloux!

Times of the time trial in Combloux

At what time does the publicity caravan pass through Combloux?

Tuesday July 18 from 12:00 p.m.

Don't miss the Tour de France advertising caravan, one of the essential moments of the CLM Passy-Combloux!

What are the times for the Tour de France riders?

Tuesday July 18 from 13:30 p.m.

More than a magnificent finale at an altitude of 980m, an exceptional moment awaits you in Combloux for the Tour de France!

Times for the caravan and runners on the entire route

This compendium of the 16th stage of the Tour de France will be your ideal companion to watch the peloton pass, regardless of where on the route you want to position yourself.

Routes taken
Localities crossed
Kilometers to finishKilometers from startPassage of the caravanracing headLimit switch
VC Passy-Marlioz
VC D43
22.4 km0 km11h13h17h
D43 Passy-Chedde
21.1 km1.3 km11h13h17h
D39 Crossroads
D39 – CV
20.2 km2.2 km11h13h17h
V.C. La Forge
18.6 km3.8 km11h13h17h
Côte de la Cascade de Coeur
18.3 km4.1 km11h13h17h
Crossroads VC-D1318.3 km4.1 km11h13h17h
D13 Les Remondins
16.9 km5.5 km11h13h17h
Passy Chief Place
15.8 km6.6 km11h13h17h
Passy Chief Place15.3 km7.1 km11h13h17h
The Charlotte12.5 km9.9 km11h13h17h
11.6 km10.8 km11h13h17h
D1205 Lepigny7 km15.4 km11h13h17h
6.5 km15.9 km11h13h17h
Domancy6.3 km16.1 km11h13h17h
D199 Levaux5.1 km17.3 km11h13h17h
Le coudray4.5 km17.9 km11h13h17h
Domancy coast3.5 km18.9 km12h13h17h
D1212 Combloux
1.7 km20.7 km12h13h17h

Where to stand to watch the arrival of the Passy Combloux Individual Time Trial?

Are you wondering where to find the best location to make the most of the arrival of the runners in Combloux? No more tedious research, the answers to your questions are here!

Fan zones for a unique experience on the Tour in Combloux

Watch the finish of the unique time trial of the Tour de France 2023 facing Mont-Blanc from our VIP stands!

Three spaces dedicated to the Tour de France will welcome supporters free of charge in Combloux, thus offering a new experience to fans of the Grande Boucle. Thanks to giant screens here will broadcast the day's stage live, experience the action up close when the competition heats up!

We are waiting for you to experience the exceptional finale of this thrilling race featuring the best sprinters in the world!

fan zones tour de france combloux

Coming to Combloux this Tuesday, July 18, 2023 is guaranteed:

  • to witness the finish of one of the most spectacular events of this 110th edition of the Tour de France
  • all in an atmosphere of madness,
  • and, as a bonus, a masterful view of the majestic Mont-Blanc!

Discover the detailed route of the time trial between Passy and Combloux

After two grueling stages in the Alps, the cyclists of the Tour de France will return to service in the Pays du Mont-Blanc for the one and only time trial of the 2023 edition: the famous individual CLM from Passy to Combloux.

Make no mistake: the 22 kilometers that the peloton will have to cover will not be easy. The choice of course, which already looks particularly complex, was not left to chance… Explanations.

clm card passy combloux

This 3rd Tuesday of the Tour de France, the peloton:

  • will set off from Passy
  • to head towards the rise of the Sudans
  • before making a rapid descent towards the town of Sallanches.

As a warm-up, cyclists will have to face slopes exceeding 10%.

side of sudans altimetric profile
ASO – Tour de France 2023
profile stage time trial passy combloux tour de france 2023
  • It is expected that the route will then take the management of Domancy
  • where competitors will then tackle theclimbing the famous hill eponymous, the scene of one of the greatest exploits of French cycling.

La legendary rise is characterized by average slope at 9,4% on a 2.5 km length.

Renamed “climb Bernard Hinault” bearing the image of our undisputed national cycling legend, it is on this stretch of road that the man nicknamed “the Badger” won his world title in 1980.
Our Champion, listed among the greatest winners of the Tour de France, also holds the record for victories in time trial type stages.

current portrait bernard hinaud in front of archive image of him yellow jersey
laundry advertising caravan cote domancy support roadside
  • Once at the end of this infernal climb, our riders will only have a few short kilometers left to finish this 16th stage in the center of the village of Combloux.

43 years after Bernard Hinault's world title in Sallanches, the show promises to be at its peak this Tuesday, July 18 on the Domancy coast.

Cycling: in fact, what is a time trial?

The individual time trial is a unique Tour de France event. This type of competition is in fact different from classic line starts, since the parking for cyclists engaged leave one after another, separated by defined time intervals.

Le ultimate goal for the contenders in the general classification is then beat the clock, either try to complete the stage distance in record time and, of course, without “burning out”. Endurance is therefore essential!

Since its integration into the Tour de France in 1934, the individual time trial has left an indelible mark on many editions of the Grande Boucle. This event notably highlighted certain prodigies of the little queen – such as Merckx, Hinault, Induráin, or even Anquetil… These two-wheeled virtuosos have engraved the legend of the famous cycle race for more than a century.

In the end, the Passy-Combloux individual time trial will distinguish the adventurers from the contenders for the general classification of this Tour de France 2023.

Attending this extremely difficult endurance event ultimately represents a golden opportunity to see your favorite runners pass by one by one!

This is one more reason to come and salute the sporting achievement of the competitors when they arrive in our beautiful alpine village!

Passy Combloux: Interactive map of traffic restrictions

Road axes blocked by stages of the Tour de France, closing times of roads in the Pays du Mont-Blanc….find here your traffic conditions in the upper valley of the Arve from July 16 to 19, 2023, on the occasion of the passage of the large loop.

How to use the interactive map

  1. To dismiss the yellow pop-up window: click on the bubble icon placed at the bottom right of the map.
  2. To find out the traffic restrictions for a specific day, start with choose your stage of the Tour by clicking on the search icon, represented by a magnifying glass.
  3. For information on timetables and on roads closed to traffic, fill in the name of the locality that interests you in the search bar, then click on one of the colored road sections.
  4. To navigate comfortably on the interactive map: it is possible to zoom in and zoom out.

To obtain more detailed information on the state of traffic, road closures or on the alternative routes caused by the passage of the Tour de France in the Pays du Mont-Blanc, we invite you to consult our dedicated page.

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