As a must-see destination in Tour de France this summer, Combloux will come alive for three days to the rhythm of this world-class cycling event. What implications will the passages of the 110th Grande Boucle have on road traffic in our village-resort? Answers in our complete guide dedicated to traffic and parking in Combloux from July 16 to 19, 2023.

With the imminent arrival of this iconic event in our alpine destination, be one step ahead! Anticipate possible disruptions linked to the passages of the Tour de France in Combloux will allow you to make the necessary arrangements and thus facilitate your travels in the town to be at the forefront.

At a glance, find the essential information:

Plan your arrival in Combloux with complete peace of mind, and miss no highlight of this exciting stage of the Tour de France.

How to get to Combloux during the Tour de France?

Occasionally of the passage of the Tour de France in the Pays du Mont-Blanc and more particularly ofindividual time trial between Passy and Combloux, parking and circulation in our charming destination are disturbed from July 16 to 19.

Come experience the excitement of the 16th stage of the Tour de France in Combloux! Thanks to our detailed access map, circulate serenely in our alpine village, the day of the arrival of the Passy-Combloux time trial.

Roads closed to traffic

Roads in red on the circulation plan

July 16, from 15 p.m. to 18:30 p.m.

❌ RD1212 closed from the intersection with the Route de la Savoyarde to the Côte de Domancy

Monday, July 17

From 14h

❌ Route of the Stone Cross
❌ Route de la Cry-Cuchet between rue de l'Eglise and the RD1212

From 19h

❌ RD1212 between the Chères roundabout and the Princess roundabout (Demi-Quartier).

Tuesday, July 18: Additional traffic impacts

From 05 a.m. to 22 p.m.

❌ RD1212 closed from the Côte de Domancy to the roundabout of the Princess (Demi-Quartier)

Diversions from Monday July 17 14 p.m. to Tuesday July 18 22 p.m.

Roads in green on the circulation plan

To get to Sallanches

✅ Route du Pelloux then Médonnet

To get to Saint-Gervais

✅ D909

To get to Megève

✅ Route du Feug then Etraz for Megève,

Total reopening of traffic on July 18 at 22 p.m. in the town of Combloux.
Please note that the July 19 stage starting in Saint-Gervais will lead to the closure of the Saint-Gervais-Megève axis between 8 a.m. and 14 p.m. Information available here.

Car parks and parking areas closed to the public

July 15 evening

❌ Tourist Office car park

❌ Parking of Crystals

❌ Tennis court parking

❌ ZAC Plan Mouille car park

From Monday July 17

❌ School car park

❌ Town hall car park

We thank you for agreeing move your vehicle from fully reserved parking lots.

These will become accessible to the public from Wednesday July 19.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Also, in order to ensure the smooth running of the event, it is strictly forbidden to park along the CLM Passy-Combloux route, and to encroach on the roadway. It will also not be possible to park along the following roads:

  • Road to Ronnaz,
  • Fayet Road,
  • Feug Road,
  • Pelloux road,
  • Route du Médonnet

arrival tour de france cyclists cheered by crowd

Where to park in Combloux for the arrival of the Tour de France?

As the 110th Grande Boucle prepares to enliven our municipality, it is essential to fully understand the parking possibilities to allow everyone to take full advantage of this exceptional day.

Parking areas available

To allow you to watch the arrival of the Passy-Combloux time trial – one of the most spectacular events of this Tour de France 2023 – in complete peace of mind – several car parks are available, depending on your type. of vehicle:

PRM & VIP car parks¹

  • Town Hall parking lot
  • Schools parking

Motorhome parking lots

  • Cuchet car park
  • Bouchet car park
  • ZAC Plan Wet car park

Visitor car parks²

  • Field next to the biotope body of water
  • Brons car park
  • La Cry car park
  • Princess car park (Half-District)

Bicycle parking

  • Next to the pétanque courts (Plan Perret leisure centre)
  • At the entrance to the biotope lake

¹ Accessible only to people with a VIP invitation or a mobility inclusion card

² Cars only

To guarantee everyone's safety, please respect the highway code and park only in the spaces provided for this purpose.

Traffic conditions throughout the Pays du Mont-Blanc

For 4 days, from July 16 to 19, 2023, our beautiful region at the foot of Europe's highest peak Mont-Blanc will be the scene of the Tour de France.

Tour de France 2023: Interactive map of traffic restrictions

Explore the interactive map below and get the detailed information on traffic restrictions in the Pays du Mont-Blanc during the passage of the Grande Boucle, from July 16 to 19, 2023.

Interactive map of the roads cut off in the Pays du Mont-Blanc: Instructions for use

  1. To make the yellow pop-up disappear: click on the “bubble” icon (located at the bottom right of the interactive map)
  2. To find out the traffic restrictions for a specific day: please first select your stage of the Tour, by clicking on the “magnifying glass” icon (top left of the map).
  3. To get information about the closing times for a specific section of road: indicate the location that interests you in the search bar, then click on one of the colored portions.
  4. To easily navigate the map: you can zoom in / zoom out.

Additional information to experience the Tour de France in the Pays du Mont-Blanc

If you wish to have more details on the traffic situation, the closed roads and the deviations in the Pays du Mont-Blanc during this major cycling event, then please consult the dedicated website.

Development of public transport in the Pays du Mont-Blanc

Bus lines: what you need to know for the passage of the Tour de France

Between roads blocked by the routes of the Grande Boucle and massive influx of visitors: the urban transport network of the Pays du Mont-Blanc will be strongly impacted via the passage of the Grande Boucle from 16 to 19 July 2023.

Route deviations, stops not served or even cancellations of races….find below your traffic conditions for each stage of the Tour de France passing through Combloux.

plain background color combloux gold

Public transport circulation conditions for the

Tuesday 18 July 2023
16nd stage

Time trial Passy → Combloux

plain background color combloux duck blue

Public transport circulation conditions for the

Wednesday 19 July 2023
17nd stage

Saint-Gervais-les-Bains → Courchevel

Monday, July 17 being the day of rest for the riders of the Tour de France, the circulation of buses in the Pays du Mont-Blanc will then resume its normal operation.

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