Find here the results and photos of the last edition of Comblorane! This is where you can come and see your ranking and photos of the race at the end of your participation in one of the Comblorane 2024 formats.

Photos of Comblorane 2024

The first photos were published in preview on our Instagram account et Facebook.

Sorting and post-processing race photos (usually more than 6 photos) takes time. They will be put online gradually, starting Tuesday June 000. Thanks in advance for your patience !

Photos taken by Patricia De Gorostarzu

Find the list of photos of Patricia De Gorostarzu by clicking on the button below. Note that the artist has selected his most beautiful photos, so some may be missing.

To purchase one or more photos in HD digital format, go to the Online Store. Choose the number of photos you want, add them to the cart, then proceed to your order. Indicate the numbers of the desired photos in the “additional information” field. Photos will be emailed to you - please be sure to provide your contact details when purchasing.

The results of the 2024 edition of the Comblorane

Results of adult trail races

Results of children's nature races

Results of the XS course – 4-6 years old

Due to technical problems with the timing service provider, the results of the XS race for 4-6 year olds will not be published.

In general, for any questions regarding rankings, please send your requests to the company AS2Pic at the following address: [email protected].

Photos of Comblorane 2023

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