Become a member of the Combloux Tourist Office and benefit from many exclusive advantages! We offer two membership packages to choose from, each offering unique digital and print visibility, as well as access to valuable resources. Take advantage of our tourism promotion network to boost your business! Find out how to join now.

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Being a member of the Tourist Office: what does it consist of?

The Combloux Tourist Office is an association under the 1901 law which operates thanks to a municipal subsidy, revenue from the marketing of activities and accommodation as well as contributions from its members.

To be a member is to become a partner of the tourist office and thus participate in the tourist promotion of the Combloux destination with the objective of being able to highlight your activity or your company on the territory.

Becoming a member: what are the advantages for you?

Be part of the community of proactive economic players in Combloux:

  • Be a proactive member of the tourist development of Combloux
  • Obtain personalized advice in the development of your projects
  • Inform the Tourist Office of your news or changes so that your information is always up to date
  • Share your suggestions and comments in order to improve the quality of reception for our customers
  • Benefit from the network of the destination for your recruitments

Benefit from better visibility with tourists and secondary residents:

  • Increase your visibility thanks to our numerous communication tools (website, brochures, screens, social networks, etc.)
  • Market your activities at the Tourist Office in return for a 10% commission (for accommodation and activity providers)

Access exclusive resources and benefits:

Our membership packages

You are activity providers, merchants, entrepreneurs, benefit from our packs and their advantages!

Choose your package!

Digital visibility

Website (more than 450 visits per year)

Included in the Basic package:

  • A file dedicated to your company: business name (or surname/first name), address, telephone, email, geolocation, short description, 1 presentation photo
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The + of the premium pack

  • Presentation at the top of the list (then in random order in its category of activity among the other premium members)
  • More complete file: link to your website, long detailed description, downloadable PDF, 5 additional photos, detailed list of your prices
  • Possibility of being part of the “recommendations of our destination experts”
  • Marketing campaign on demand and subject to availability: 1 week / year
  • Possibility of co-creation of an article for our Blog if the subject is relevant to our destination: practical “tutorial” article related to your activity / article “in immersion” report (test of your activity, behind the scenes of your company, etc.)
  • Publication of your job offers on our dedicated space

Combloux social networks (more than 41 subscribers)

Take advantage of Combloux's popularity on social networks to boost your digital visibility!

We are present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok.

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We carefully study our posts to arouse the interest of our audience towards our charming destination. We thus have a strong and committed community.

Marine MARTIN – OT Combloux
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Included in the Basic package:

  • Organization of contests with endowment from you

The + of the premium pack

  • Relay of your news related to the tourist interest of the destination
  • Creation and/or sharing of non-commercial content on the social networks of Combloux according to your news (news, events) and the adequacy with our editorial line
  • Relay of your innovative initiatives on the LinkedIn network

Digital visibility: newsletters and screens

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Only in Premium Pack

  • Relay your news and any promotional offers in our newsletters
  • Access to paid advertising offers on our network of screens (1 giant screen in the center of the village and 3 indoor screens at the Tourist Office)

Paper visibility

promotional flyers

Included in the Basic package :

  • Distribution of your flyers at the counter to meet customer demand

The + of the premium pack

  • Presence of your self-service flyers at the entrance to the Tourist Office (more than 150 passages per year)

Publication of the practical guide (6 copies per year)

Included in the Basic package :

  • Contact details: business name (or surname/first name), address, telephone, email
  • Short description (20 words maximum)

The + of the premium pack

  • Address of your website
  • Detailed description (50 words maximum)
  • A presentation photo

Resources and other benefits

Included in the Basic package :

  • Access to a digital toolbox (photos, communication kit, etc.)
  • Access to seasonal activity reports on tourism intelligence

The + of the premium pack

  • A map Pro Tourism Pass quote
  • Access to the catalog of paid training offered by I&D Tourism 74
  • Possibility of marketing your services by the Tourist Office (for a 10% commission on sales)

Coming :

  • Advice and training space on different themes: enhance your offer on the web, choose the right social networks to promote your activity, manage your social networks well, take good photos with a smartphone, improve the referencing of your activity on the web...

How to join?

Membership campaigns take place each spring (for membership at another period, consult the administrative department). Membership will take place from October 1 of the current year until September 31 of the following year.

To join the Combloux Tourist Office, all you have to do is:

  • Contact our administrative department who will give you the document to complete for membership.
  • Return the membership letter with the payment corresponding to the amount of the chosen pack.
  • Provide information for the promotion of your structure (contact details, photos, description, etc.)

Amounts of membership packs at the Tourist Office

For activity and/or service providers

Basic PackPremium Pack
Sports or cultural activity194 €268 €
Shop / Restaurant194 €268 €
Company with more than 5 employees194 €268 €
Artisan – Company with less than 5 employees108 €194 €
Rental residence807 €1287 €
Example of membership types at the Combloux Tourist Office

For furnished “furnished tourism” accommodation

Classified 1*From 103 € to 157 €
Classified 2*From 129 € to 212 €
Classified 3*From 149 € to 255 €
Classified 4*From 196 € to 327 €
Classified 5*From 313 € to 345 €

The prices of the packs are also available on our member's guide!

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