Welcome to a journey to the heart of the wildlife of the Pays du Mont-Blanc. Between fauna and flora, our territory at the foot of the roof of Europe reveals a varied ecosystem teeming with an incredible diversity of animal and plant species.

Let's set off together to discover the biodiversity and natural wonders that inhabit our mountains. Each of these species, from animals to endemic plants, testifies to the splendor and vulnerability of our alpine environment.

The emblematic Fauna of the Alps

black grouse

The black grouse, emblematic bird of the mountains, and more particularly of the Alps, captivates with its beauty.

  • Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of this gallinaceous, also known as capercaillie or capercaillie.
  • Explore its habitat areas.
  • Discover its crucial role in the preservation of alpine biodiversity.
black grouse photo badly curtseying
patou leader sheep herd sunrise

The patou

A patou is a breed of dog traditionally used for guarding and protecting sheep herds in the mountains.

  • Shed light on the physical and behavioral characteristics as well as the traditional role of this faithful protector.
  • Through expert advice and documentary resources, explore in detail the best practices to adopt in the presence of this protection dog.

The plant species of the Pays du Mont-Blanc

Section to come

Coexistence between Man and Nature in the Alps

Focus on the place of animals in the Alpine heritage


Let’s explore together the vast subject of pastoralism!

  • What is this ancestral agricultural practice?
  • What link does it have with our mountainous regions?
  • What challenges does she face?

You will also lift the veil on the historical aspects of this ancestral practice:

  • the domestication of sheep
  • to the modernization of breeding methods
  • passing through transhumance in mountain pastures…

as well as the crucial role of pastoralism in maintaining the alpine ecosystem.

Image by wirestock ten Freepik
close-up black-headed sheep among its livestock

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