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Les Houches

Sentier thématique “Les Croës en forêt”

One of the 5 new thematic trails of "The climatic adventure" enhancing the natural heritage of the valley through an itinerant, fun and educational concept.

Les Houches


Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

"Les Croës in the forest": Les Houches - departure from Les Chavants: very fun trail with games and modules. Intrigue: why is there so much biodiversity in the mountains?

"Hello, my name is Madeleine Vallot, Joseph's daughter. What you are holding in your hands is my little exploration notebook, the one in which I write down all my adventures... like my dad! It's a new experience which is starting for me, dad is going to teach us lots of things about animals and vegetation, here in the mountains, in the forest.

For the entire Climatic Adventure, a game kit is on sale for €18 at the Chamonix Tourist Office.

Panels available in French and English.

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