Les Houches

Décollage du Prarion

Practice: paragliding
Orientation: North-East / West
Flight conditions: Morning flight site. Thermals
from the east or by flow descending the valley (bise or light foehn)

Dangers/difficulties: Lift off followed by a small break and a path
downstream. Pay attention to the concrete fixing of the piste grooming machines. A meter-high iron bar fixed to the concrete is invisible
of takeoff.
In small foehn conditions, it is sometimes possible to fly, if the wind is light. Watch out for turbulence on exiting takeoff.
Landing downwind of a relief when the valley breeze sets in. After 11am, the landing is random. To be avoided in the afternoon in conditions
almost daily breeze. No visual on the landing since takeoff

In winter, take-off on the ski slope is prohibited. Possibility of taking off on the first slope break against the gondola (watch out for the cables
!). Ask about the ski lifts.

Level: supervised beginner to cross.
Landing: at a place called Les Chavants, at the end of the road, a large field on the left. The area reserved for landing and folding is indicated on the club sign.
Specific regulations:
Caution sensitive terrain. Absolutely respect the landing and folding zone. Do not park your car, nor bend over on the private road at the edge of the lot. There is ample free parking near the gondola. Land under agreement; your positive attitude will help us in the
Variant :
If the wind turns west, south-west: see site de la Charme, Plancert and Grand Prarion 20 mins away. Steps.

Location details

IGN 3531 ET map.
From Les Houches Prarion gondola. Then follow the “grand Prarion” path, going around the arrival station on the right. Follow the path for 30 to 45 minutes then follow the ridge. The takeoff is on your left.
  • In the mountains


Opening hours from January 01 to December 31, 2024
Opening depending on the ski lifts




Activities on site

  • Air Sports
  • Take-off and landing site


74310 Les Houches
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