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Les Lacs des Ilettes


ancienne route impériale
74700 Sallanches

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Very nice "spot" in Sallanches for a moment of tranquility and contemplation close to nature, 2 km from the city center.
At the edge of the lakes you will have a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and can also observe the local flora and fauna.

During a walk, on a bench or in the grass you can discover this preserved natural environment.

At the 1st lake, a fishing reserve, where fish and wild birds (greennecks, coots, etc.) abound, you can approach them to observe them but above all without feeding them.

At the 2nd lake, a swimming and paddle lake in summer, you can walk, stopping on the benches all around to take the time to relax in this haven of peace.

The 3rd lake, a windsurfing lake, offers you an introductory course on the local fauna and flora, with an observatory at its end to discover this preserved environment more closely.

Continuing further north along the "Au fil de l'eau" path which takes the Luzier footbridge, you can reach the famous Arpenaz waterfall, 2km away (30 min on foot)

To preserve the tranquillity, hygiene and cleanliness of the premises, access to the 1st and 2nd lakes is forbidden to animals.
The 3rd lake is accessible to animals subject to compliance with the following provisions:
• the bathing of animals is strictly prohibited;
• animals must be kept on a leash;
• dog owners must pick up their animal's droppings.
Animals can take the so-called rustic route on the banks of the Arve (dike) at any time of the year.

History, culture and heritage :
These lakes were created in 1977:
In 1976 a meeting was held between Sallanches and Saint-Martin for the development of Ilettes. This area located on the territory of Sallanches but bordering with the municipality of Saint-Martin could only be developed by a common agreement of the two municipalities.
In 1977, the development of Ilettes will help the merger of St Martin and Sallanches.
For the construction of the future white highway, this area will be reserved for the extraction of materials.
Two other large lakes will be updated to be subsequently developed into a tourist site.

Tips and Suggestions :
Free parking

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Location details

- accessible on foot or by VTC via the “along the water” path
- by car: free parking, but prohibited for motorhomes
- the summer shuttle has a stop on site during the summer holidays


Opening hours from January 01 to December 31, 2023
Monday Open
Tuesday Open
Wednesday Open
Thursday Open
Friday Open
Sunday Open





  • Picnic area.
  • Public toilets
  • Botanical trail
  • Parking
  • Plage
  • Body of water
  • Free parking


  • Food
  • Accessible by stroller

Activities on site

  • Orientation course
  • Fitness trail

Home animals

Pets are not accepted.

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