The Les Contamines

Chalets et lac d'Armancette

Small mountain lake where you can admire the glaciers, have a clear view of Mont-Joly and the village of Contamines-Montjoie.
Further information) :
From the center of the village, take the La Frasse road to the end. Take a path going up to the edge of the forest, above a large meadow, then enter the forest. Steep climb. You leave the forest to reach the chalets of Armancette (1528 m). Continue towards the bottom of the Combe where you discover the small lake, very steep, invisible from a distance (1675 m) Walking time one way: 1h30 from the village.

The nature reserves are among the rare spaces in Haute-Savoie where nature has remained intact, take advantage of it! But don't forget that to maintain the interest and attractiveness of these nature reserves, we must observe certain rules.
Let's tether our dog for the tranquility of wildlife.
Let's not pick flowers, let's not collect fossils, to allow everyone to admire them.
We take away our waste to keep the place clean.
Let's not camp or make a fire so as not to leave traces of our passage. Bivouac areas are available to us at places called La Rollaz and La Balme.
Avoid noise and the practice of any activity likely to disturb the tranquility of wildlife and other users: overflight (paragliding, hang-gliding, helicopter, etc.) is prohibited within 300 m; motor vehicles are prohibited except for traditional activities (mountain pastures, forests, refuges) and chalet owners.

Location details

  • Lake or body of water within 300 m
  • Lake view
  • Mountain view
  • In the mountains
  • Isolated
  • Ski station
  • GR route within 1 km


Opening hours from January 01 to December 31, 2024


74170 Les Contamines-Montjoie
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