La Crève-Cœur is an unmissable event of the winter season in Combloux. Competitive ski touring enthusiasts and novices meet every winter on the slopes of our village-resort to take the start of this night race.

A ski touring race accessible to all

La Crève-Cœur is a friendly ski touring competition accessible to all with its 2 courses. The night climb offers a unique atmosphere to this sporting event!

While some will fight neck and neck to get on the top step of the podium with the best time, others will simply be satisfied with the pleasure of the climb. So, rather team “chrono”, or team “quiet climb”? Go to the Crève-Cœur to find out!

Plаnіfіеr your рréраrаtіоn at the Crève-Coeur, in two in three movements

You will find on this page all necessary іnfоrmation роur organize your participation to this famous comblorane ski cоmрétіtіоn, either:

But also

2023 edition of the Crève-Cœur in Combloux

2 itineraries to challenge yourself in the heart of the mountains of Combloux

For its 2023 edition, the Crève-Cœur ski touring race will start from end of the Brons car park (Baghera track) to get to top of the Jouty chairlift.

Once again this year, this 100% combloran sports competition offers 2 routes.

Whatever route is chosen, the event consists of a dry climb : the timer will stop once the ascent is finished. In other words, the descent back to the starting point is not timed.

Given the current weather conditions, the Crève-coeur course and little heartbreaker will be adapted on D-day depending on the snow cover.

One thing is certain: taking part in this night race in the Portes du Mont-Blanc ski area guarantees you have a good time, both sporty and friendly, in the company of other people passionate about skiing !

Besides, it also gives you a chance toaccess the steps of the podium ! And what better for reward their efforts and physical preparation program, than winning a ski touring competition at the start of the season and, moreover, in a sublime resort facing Mont-Blanc?

heartbreaking start line - skiers lined up at night, headlamp lighting
Marine MARTIN – OT Combloux

La Crève-Cœur, a ski touring event par excellence in Combloux, is in itself a beautiful fіnаlіty роur rеtоurnеr to еntrаіnеmеnt. Here is a valid reason for start exercising on one of our marked routes And this, when the first snow falls !

So don't wait any longer, register without delay to this intense race and try to beat the clock to the glow from your headlamp, this year in Combloux.

For all these reasons: take the plunge this winter 2022-23, in order to Try the challenge on one of our 2 combloran ski touring climbs!

A look at the evening program

  • 17:30 p.m.-18:30 p.m.: Drop off runners' bags with spare gear in the snow groomer, near the ski lift ticket offices – Brons car park (so that they can be taken to the summit)
  • 18:45 p.m.: Departure briefing – Baghera track (at the end of the Brons car park)
  • 18:50 p.m.: Departure from “La Petite Crève-Coeur”
  • 19 p.m.: Departure from the “Crève-Coeur”
  • 20:30 p.m.: Prize giving at the Tourist Office (1st floor) and distribution of the post-race meal.

Technical sheets for the 2 race formats

Because of exceptional sliding conditions, it may be that itineraries of these two nocturnal Nordic races be revamped D-Day in depending on the state of the snowpack.

La Crève-Coeur - ski touring race

  • Course: 5,8 km – elevation gain of 730 m.
  • Departure: 19:00 p.m. – Les Brons car park (Baghera track).
  • Arrival: summit of Jouty.
  • Specificity: a segment with a descending part (about 300 m).
  • Age: open to participants aged 17 and over.
  • Classification: scratch (M/F), under 20 (M/F), over 20 (M/F).
  • Prize giving: scratch (M/F).

Competitors on the major “La Crève-Cœur” route will therefore have to “undress” during the race – the downhill part of 300 meters being included in the course time.

The Little Heartbreaker

  • Course: 3,9 km – elevation gain of 570 m.
  • Departure: 18:50 p.m. – Les Brons car park (Baghera track).
  • Arrival: summit of Jouty.
  • Specificity: dry climb.
  • Age: open to participants aged 15 and over.
  • Classification: scratch (M/F), under 20 (M/F), over 20 (M/F).
  • Prize giving: scratch (M/F).

The convivial evening after the competition

After the effort, the comfort: at the end of their frantic race towards the summit of Jouty, all the participants (and volunteers) are warmly invited to the post-race party. The latter will take place on the 1st floor of the Combloux Tourist Office.

Prize giving and endowment

During the evening, attend the Crève-Cœur awards ceremony. This year, our partner weather will offer 1 pair of touring skis to the first man and the first woman in the 1km format.

Rates and registrations at the Crève-Coeur

  • Online: €19
  • On site: €23 (subject to availability of places on D-Day)

Registrations are done online on the Njuko platform.

The amount paid corresponds to the right to take part in the event, access to supplies, the post-race meal (€18) and administration fees (€1), i.e. a total amount of €19.

Registrations on the internet will be made until the Thursday preceding this combloran ski touring competition. (18 p.m.).

If there are bibs left, on-site registration will be possible on the day of the event. Please note that if you register on site:

  • The price will be increased by 5€. Registration for the Crève-Cœur will then cost you 23€
  • Only payments in cash or by check – payable to Combloux Tourist Office – will be accepted.

Crève-Cœur 2023 Participant's Guide

Creve-C rulesSPOTLIGHT

Registration for one of the two courses – the Crève-Cœur or the petite Crève-Cœur – mentioned above is valid for acceptance of the race rules.

We invite you to carefully read this settlement which brings together all the useful and essential information for your participation.

You will find there in particular the compulsory equipment as well as the types of sports licenses or medical certificates accepted to be authorized to take the start, the conditions of participation and the practical information of the event.

Compulsory equipment to participate in the tests

Any runner taking part in the “Crève-Cœur” ski touring race must be equipped with the following equipment:

  • Skis of 50 mm minimum width under the foot with metal squares
  • Bindings allowing the blocking of the heel on the descent
  • High shoes
  • Seal skins
  • Headlamp
  • Helmet

A helmet (climbing / mountaineering type) is compulsory for the Crève-Cœur, and strongly recommended for the Petite Crève-Cœur.

Packet/Bib Pick up

Participants in the Crève-Cœur will be able to collect their bibs:

  • le Thursday March 09, 2023 from 12:00 p.m. to 18:30 p.m., at the Combloux Tourist Office reception
  • le Friday, March 10, 2023 from 16:30 p.m. at the Hors-Sac room in the Brons car park

The withdrawal of bibs must be done by the competitor in person on presentation of an identity document.

Getting to the start of the race

Become a volunteer for this ski touring competition in Combloux

If you would like to take part in the event as a volunteer, you can inform our events and entertainment manager of your availability.

Be a spectator of the Crève-CSPOTLIGHT

Come and support the competitors during their ascent!

You can attend the event, to encourage the participants, at 2 places:

  • In the departure area: Baghera track (at the end of the Brons car park). Accessible on foot.
  • In the finish area: at the top of Le Jouty. Access to the arrival area, as well as the return to the resort, must be done by your own means. For safety reasons, for any ski descent, only the route of La Croix must be taken.

Media library: photos of the 2022 edition

Find all the photos of the Crève-Cœur, 2022 edition.

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