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La croix de Salles, Demi-Quartier

Head to head with Mont-Blanc from the top of the Croix des Salles belvedere, this loop surveys the heights of Demi-Quartier

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Always be careful and plan ahead when hiking. Asters CEN-74 is not held responsible in the event of an accident or any inconvenience occurring on this circuit.


From the Cuchet car park, take the path towards the Chalet de la Vieille and Sommet des Salles.
Arrive at Alpage de Beauregard, turn left towards Le Jaillet then directly right: La Croix des Salles (it is in Beauregard that the Milka company filmed one of its advertising spots: “And the marmot, she puts the chocolate, in aluminum foil”). Shorter and more shaded climb via this path.
After the Beauregard chairlift, keep to your left on the path, you will then cross a track, remember to close the barriers.
The Croix des Salles is located on a belvedere in the forest next to the arrival of the chairlift.
The descent is via Le Jaillet, La Ravine, then on the left, the track which joins the Beauregard mountain pasture.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation440 D- ​​/ 440 D+Distance7,6 kmMax Altitude1703m
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