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Boucle des Anciennes Maisons Fortes

Fancy a ride? During a walk of around 1 hour, discover the history of the old fortified houses of Saint-Gervais and the families who inhabited them and immerse yourself in the life of this valley!

Tips and Suggestions :
A great way to discover hidden corners of Saint-Gervais!



Hard coating (tar, cement, floor)

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

Climbing stairs to access the Maison Forte de Hautetour.
A stroller and person with reduced mobility route is always possible and is indicated on the map!

Saint-Gervais is one of the rare communes in Haute-Savoie to have preserved around its town so many intact fortified houses or with significant ruins and visible reading.

Located on a route connecting the Arve valley, Beaufortain and Tarentaise, the town of Saint-Gervais has occupied a strategic place since the medieval period. A place of circulation and exchange, allowing economic and political control, the strongholds of the lords were organized around the Bonnant gorges and their passage. Concentrated around the town, these buildings are full of unexpected stories: lords, counts, great families of Savoy were able to live there!

As you walk, presentation panels will allow you to find out more about each of the buildings.

A visit booklet with a map is available free of charge at the tourist office and at the Hautetour fortified house.

Good walk !

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Maison Forte de Hautetour

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