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Lac de Pormenaz par la Chorde

Discover a magical and wild place by following a technical trail... In the heart of the Passy nature reserve, the Lac de Pormenaz, with the Fiz mountains in the background, is an essential summer hike for mountain lovers.

Topo / step by step :
1) Plaine-Joux - 2) Barmus - 3) Les Ayères des Perrières - 4) Chalet de Souay - 5) La Chorde - 6) Pormenaz Lake - 7) Argentières



Stones, Earth, Not suitable for pushchairs

Autumn, Summer, Spring

Cable passages and ladders

From Plaine-Joux, go up through the resort on the track to reach Barmus, the Ayères des Pierrières then the chalets du Souay where you will turn left. Go down to the torrent (short descent) and go up by the Chorde to the Lac de Pormenaz. Go around the lake to admire the reflection of the Fiz or walk along it to the left to join the Argentières downhill path.

Once back at the Souay chalets, continue down the track to reach the Châtelet d'Ayères refuge. Pass over Lac Vert to reach the starting point.

Mountain lakes are fragile ecosystems. It is better not to swim there. The addition of organic or chemical matter (sunscreen, buoys, etc.) profoundly transforms their functioning. Want to know more ?

The Passy nature reserve is a protected and regulated area. Dogs, even on a leash, are prohibited, as well as motor vehicle traffic, fires and overflight, including drones. The bivouac is tolerated from 19 p.m. to 9 a.m.

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