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Boucle du Lac Vert

Easy walk suitable for all seasons to reach Lac Vert in its forest setting. It is a classified natural site as unavoidable as it is magical.

Topo / step by step :
1) Plaine-Joux - 2) Lac Vert restaurant - 3) path to the Châtelet d'Ayères refuge - 4) Plaine-Joux



Earth, Hard surface (tar, cement, floor), Not suitable for pushchairs

Autumn, Summer, Spring

From Plaine-Joux, descend by the road and the paths in the forest, following the markings to reach Lac Vert from below.

In summer, an arrangement allows you to go around the lake in about fifteen minutes. The extraordinary transparency of the waters makes it possible to observe an accumulation of trees and plants at the bottom of the lake. These elements, combined with the presence of blue algae, give the lake its remarkable emerald green color. This magical color seduces Mont-Blanc, which often casts its majestic reflection on the calm surface of the lake.

For the return, from the parking lot of the Lac Vert restaurant, go up the track leading to the Châtelet d'Ayères refuge then turn left to pass above the lake and reach Plaine-Joux.

Swimming is prohibited at Lac Vert. Mountain lakes are fragile ecosystems. The addition of organic or chemical matter (sunscreen, buoys, etc.) profoundly transforms their functioning. Want to know more ?

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