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Sentier nature du Calvaire

This discovery trail highlights the natural and cultural treasures present on the Calvaire site and enhances the Creux Saint-Jean promenade with fun and interactive breaks.

Topo / step by step :
Start on the steps that initiate the Chemin du Calvaire near the restaurants La Yourte and Vieux Megève.
1/ Climb the steps to the intersection with Chemin Saint Michel.
2/ Continue to climb on the Chemin du Calvaire towards the first chapel (Notre dames des vertues).
3/ Follow the small dirt path which passes in front of the chapel and its garden and continue this one following the signs "Sentier nature - Creux Saint Jean".
4/ Continue the Nature trail along the panels and discovery workshops to the small stone bridge.
5/ Cross the stream by the bridge and follow the path on the other side towards Chemin du Maz.
6/ At the end of the dirt path find a paved road, go down the Chemin du Maz towards the Center of the Village.



Not suitable for strollers

Autumn, Summer, Spring

Interpretation route highlighting the ecological and heritage riches of the area, the new Sentier Nature du Calvaire is a looped route starting from the center of the village.
Lined with playful and interactive furniture for families, it is an invitation to discover the mountain environment, while having fun: reading a landscape, the architecture of a traditional farm, observing geological curiosities, unlocking the secrets of the forest and its inhabitants, reawakening the memory of old ski jumps…
Accessible from the Montée du Calvaire or by the Chemin du Maz. Loop of about 1 hour over 1,8 km and 80 m drop.

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