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Montée au Lac d’Anterne

Discover one of the jewels of the Passy nature reserve: the Lac d'Anterne overlooked by the Fiz wall.

Topo / step by step :
1st variant: 1) Ascent to Châtelet d'Ayères - 2) Take the Argentières path - 3) Pass through the Col d'Anterne, between the Pointe d'Anterne and the Tête de Moëde - 4) Lac d'Anterne //

2nd variant: 1) Ascent to the Châtelet d'Ayères - 2) Take the Chorde and pass by the lake of Pormenaz - 3) Passage by the col d'Anterne, between the Pointe d'Anterne and the head of Moëde - 4) Lake of Antern


Round trip

Pebbles, Earth

Autumn, Summer, Spring

Long but easy hike first by the motorable track then by the narrower path which winds up to the Col d'Anterne before switching towards the lake. Several variants are possible by the Argentières or the Chorde and the Lac de Pormenaz for those who would like to venture on more technical routes.
You can also continue a few kilometers to the Alfred Wills refuge for a snack or to spend a night in the heart of the Passy and Sixt-Passy nature reserves before heading back. You can then admire the sunrise over the Fiz while being at the foot of these huge cliffs.

Lac d'Anterne is surrounded by wetlands that are valuable for biodiversity. When approaching it, as throughout the nature reserve, stay on the paths. Tadpoles, frogs, newts and dragonflies thank you!

Mountain lakes are fragile ecosystems. It is better not to swim there. The addition of organic or chemical matter (sunscreen, buoys, etc.) profoundly transforms their functioning. Want to know more ?

The Passy nature reserve is a protected and regulated area. Dogs, even on a leash, are prohibited, as well as motor vehicle traffic, fires and overflight, including drones. The bivouac is tolerated from 19 p.m. to 9 a.m.

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