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Randonnée du Mont Joly

Sports walk reserved for experienced walkers. Chalets and forest of Hermance.
At the top of Mont Joly, view of the Mont Blanc range, Beaufortain, Aravis and Les Bauges.
Orientation table.

Topo / step by step :
0/ Departure from a place called Le Planellet

1/ Follow the path towards Mont d'Arbois (red and yellow route Tour du Pays du Mont Blanc)

2/ Arrived at the top of Mont d'Arbois take the direction of Mont Joux

3/ Continue towards Mont Joly.

4/ Then descend via the chalets of Hermance,

5/ Then continue towards Planay

6/ Return via the Planellet.




Autumn, Summer, Spring

At a place called Le Planellet, follow the path towards Mont d'Arbois.

At the top take the direction of Mont Joux/Mont Joly.

Then go down via the chalets of Hermance, then Le Planay, which goes down to Planellet.

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