Freshly endowed with its new entirely eco-designed website, Combloux 360°, your charming destination at the foot of Mont-Blanc, is proud to announce its participation in the 2022 edition of the Communication Trophies.

What are the Communication Awards?

Do you know the Trophies of the Com'?

For more than 20 years, this national reference competition takes on the mission of reward the best communication actions of french companies participants, whether they belong to the public service or the family private sector.

This major event in digital communication, is organized by the Wexcom association.

Registration for this benchmark professional competition is open to businesses of all sizes, communication agencies and video production companies included.
➡ These various organisms symbolizing the variety of the French landscape thus have the opportunity to present their innovative communication solution, whatever their medium.

The Comm' 2022 Trophies are, after all, a marketing grand prize confronting communication actions from completely different backgrounds.
➡ Mobile applications, websites, magazines, audiovisual works, advertising campaigns
 a wide variety of media can allow professionals to claim the trophy for best communicator, in one of the 32 categories.

The 2022 Communication Trophies will be awarded according to various evaluation criteria, such as creativity, SEO on search engines, accessibility 
 to name a few.

Ultimately, 5 winners per category will see their creation rewarded following the deliberation of some 150 members of the jury.

Prize-giving ceremony for the 21st Communication Trophies

La award ceremony will finally take place this year in Paris on Friday, November 25, 2022!

The new Combloux website wins the com' trophies

Why take part in this great digital communication competition?

visual edition 2022 communication trophies

Following a long-term work carried out in collaboration with thecommunication agency Iris Interactive, le Combloux Tourist Office website adorns itself with a new state-of-the-art visual identity, doubled with a digital communication strategy 100% current.

Our state-of-the-art communication support was born this past spring, in May 2022.
With this platform fully eco-designede, our tourist structure is once again part of a sustainable approach.

Proud of this new communication tool that is both modern and in the image of our intergenerational village-resort, our website is in the running for this 21st part of the communication trophies, In the category “best destination website”.

As previously mentioned, this unmissable contest is intended for highlight the best communication actions achieved by the participants during the year.

The trophies of the comm' therefore represent a fabulous way to make known our exceptional territory located in the heart of the Pays du Mont-Blanc.

La participation in the 2022 edition of this prestigious marketing competition, it is finally, in a way, the occasion:

  • de mark the culmination of the recent redesign and redesign of the Combloux website
  • to present our innovative digital strategy
  • to crown the extent of the work carried out by our webmarketing division
  • to expose a sketch of thefuture direction of this bold project

The Combloux website in the running for the communication trophies!

With the aim ofensure the promotion and notoriety of the destination, new Combloux Tourist Office website fits in the mood of time with:

  • a simple, modern and intuitive interface
  • a optimal ergonomics, perfectly adapted to navigation on smartphones
  • a “eco-responsible” dimension
  • a communication strategy freshly revisited, oriented digital marketing industry et natural reference (SEO)

Our marketing team has been working since spring 2022 on develop the editorial aspect of the platform, constantly feeding it relevant new pages,original blog posts, But also sheets dedicated to relaying all kinds of useful information.

Ce up to date website, freshly published, aims to offer Internet users, whether local or on vacation, a wide variety of new content.

mockup display new combloux website pc smartphone square format

In a perspective constant improvement of the user experience, the new Combloux 360° Mont-Blanc website centralizes in the same place:

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