Easter is fast approaching ! Gourmands, gourmands: if you're looking for a delicious way to celebrate the bells this year, you've come to the right place! As the Easter feast approaches, our gourmet destination invites you – in collaboration with the village bakery “Aux Délices de Combloux” – to participate decadent quiz ! The key gain? A giant 100% handmade chocolate egg, worth €150. We tell you more in the rest of the article.

The egg game is now over!

Participants, participants: we thank you warmly for your commitment! We hope you enjoyed theproposed puzzle.

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See you soon for new adventures!

Portrait of Tony Peytoureau, young talented pastry chef and chocolatier

As part of our “Combloux Easter Egg” contest, we had the pleasure of talking to the young Pastry Chef behind this imposing chocolate structure: Tony Peytoureau.

Discover his journey, the origins of his passion for chocolate as well as his unique approach to pastry.

Easter contest: Guess the weight of the giant chocolate egg and win it!

The egg festival is imminent! Speaking of eggs, we all know that this is one of the the most emblematic symbols of Easter. This is why, to celebrate this gourmet event, we are organizing a special contest 100% “made in Combloux”.

Driven by the desire to treat you, our Pastry Chef Tony Peytoureau has created, for the occasion, a chocolate treat one of a kind: a giant chocolate egg.

On display at the reception of theCombloux Tourist Office, it's high time for one of you to try to win it, what do you say?

Image of Freepik
top view egg easter chocolate candies cookies bunny shape

Enough suspense: to give you the opportunity to take home this imposing chocolate creation under your arm, you will need to have the compass in your eye. Indeed, the “heavy task” of guess its exact weight comes back to you.

Terms of participation in the contest

Calling all cocoa lovers! We declare the contest “Combloux Easter egg” officially open!

You have one week – from Tuesday April 04 to Tuesday April 11 at 18 p.m. – to try to win a giant chocolate egg – to be eaten alone, in family or between friends: that's up to you.

To take part in the game and thus have a chance of winning the jackpot, two solutions are available to chocolate lovers. It is therefore possible to register:

  • through Instagram and/or Facebook social networks
  • live at the Combloux Tourist Office

Instructions for the game “Combloux Easter Egg”

Marine MARTIN – OT Combloux
easter egg wraps background daffodils

Participants will then have to follow the next step.

1- First, be subscribers

2- Then, whether on one channel or the other, you will have to “like” the publication relating to the “Combloux Easter Egg” contest.

2- Then comes the time to propose a weight for this egg (to 3 decimal places)

4- While making sure to tag a friend in the commentary of the post.

And voila !

Social media not your cup of tea? You can register directly at the reception of the Combloux tourist office.

Please note that it is only possible to participate in this competition once per channel. In other words, the motivated will have three chances to leave with their chocolate dowry.

A lucky winner will be drawn from among all the participants who gave the correct answer (i.e. the correct weight). Good luck to all of you !

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