Give yourself a moment of well-being and relaxation with our combloran practitioners. Body massages, Ayurvedic treatments, reiki, reflexology… Find the service that will fill your body and your mind with peace of mind.

Body massage

Take care of yourself with a wellness massage.

Ayurveda and Reiki

Ayurveda is considered the oldest holistic medicine in the world. This practice takes into account body and mind and aims to find balance. Ayurvedic medicine brings many benefits such as calming the body and mind, the expulsion of toxins, the boost of immune defenses, the improvement of digestion, the circulation of energy...

Reiki is an energy art of Japanese origin which results in energy healing by laying on of hands. The Reiki practitioner channels the energy of the universe to redistribute it to the person receiving the treatment. Reiki helps fight stress, fatigue, sleep disorders...


Reflexology releases tension and stimulates self-regulation through the practice of specific pressure and touch on specific areas. It is based on the principle that each organ or part of the body is connected to a point on the hands, feet or ears. Reflexology helps to work on stress, sleep, behavioral, digestive and skin disorders, headaches and backaches, circulatory problems...

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