Landing on the edge of crystal clear waters in magnificent natural sites while practicing a challenging activity, that's what mountain fishing offers! Our beautiful region offers a wide variety of fishing spots. Every freshwater fisherman will find his happiness around Combloux, between mountain lakes, plain lakes, streams, torrents, large lakes and rivers.

The activity

Fishing in the mountains is the opportunity to have a good time in exceptional sites. Enjoy the calm of mountain lakes or the thundering force of torrents. With a variety of exceptional sites, fishing in Savoie and Haute-Savoie is an experience not to be missed!

Whether you want to fish alone or accompanied, discover all the essential information for fishing around Combloux!

Where to fish in the mountains?

Trout and other salmonids are the big stars of mountain fishing. In our waters you will also find arctic char, minnows, perch, pike and cyprinids depending on the aquatic environment. To each fish and environment its type of fishing!

mountain lakes

Above 1000 m altitude, we speak of mountain lakes. The latter generally have calm and crystal clear waters. The transparency of the water and its beautiful colors are a real pleasure for the eyes but do not facilitate fishing. Fish have evolved to adapt to their environment and know how to blend into the background. They are alert, very sensitive to the slightest movement.

Fishing during the day in bright sunshine can be complicated. The practice of the activity in cloudy weather, at dawn or at dawn is more fruitful.


Plain lakes

Lowland lakes, located in the valley, are generally more easily accessible. In the region, the fish present in these waters are mainly from dumping.

These lakes offer great fishing opportunities and are open for longer periods than the mountain lakes. It is the ideal spot for year-round anglers.

The great lakes

In the Alps, in Savoie and Haute-Savoie, there are 4 large lakes: Lake Geneva, Lake Bourget, Lake Annecy and Lake Aiguebelette.

These lakes are huge bodies of water with great depth. There is a wide variety of fish species such as pike, zander, trout or arctic char.

Be careful to check the category of the lake and the local regulations before starting your fishing trip.

Lake Annecy – ©Pixabay

The rivers

Mountain streams are very varied and change throughout the year depending on weather conditions and snowmelt. Everyone has their specificities and you have to know how to find the ideal spot!

To find the right place, several possibilities are available to you. The easiest way is to refer to the indications of experienced fishermen on the internet or in association. They will know which places are accessible for beginners.

Otherwise, you can locate the right place thanks to the morphology of the watercourse and external factors (weather, water level, brightness, etc.). Generally, you will have better luck in areas where the water is slow and there is some depth. These areas correspond to grassy plateaus or, for strong current torrents, to basins.

In mountain streams, the flagship species are brown trout, rainbow trout and brook salmon.

Fishing around Combloux

It is possible to practice fishing in these 2 departments with the same fishing license thanks to the acquisition of a stamp (reciprocal agreement between the two federations).

We tell you everything about the fishing regulations just below.

Fishing regulations in France

In France, leisure fishing in fresh water is a regulated practice. This regulation takes into account data collected over many years on aquatic fauna and flora in order to protect it. Thus, it is necessary to respect certain quotas and certain rest periods according to the resources taken and the places. For example, Category 1 waters are closed from mid-October to mid-June.

Before embarking on the fishing of a species, it is necessary to find out about the news about it.

In order to allow official supervision, each fisherman in open waters must be a member of an AAPPMA (Approved Association for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment) and have a valid fishing license (even if it is only of a hobby practiced once a year). Anyone practicing the activity without this permit (or otherwise called “fishing card”) will then practice the activity illegally and may be subject to fines in the event of an inspection.

It is the fishing guard who is responsible for ensuring good practices and who will check that the activity is carried out in accordance. He has the power to confiscate the material or fine the practitioner.

For the preservation of aquatic environments, it is forbidden to introduce any species likely to cause biological imbalances (crustaceans, plants, amphibians, fish, etc.).

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