To best prepare for your next snow session in Combloux, consult our detailed snow report and the weather conditions for the coming days in Combloux.

Snow report for Portes du Mont-Blanc

The snow report gives you important information for your ski trip:

  • Latest snowfall and new snow depth
  • Snow depths at the bottom and top of the ski area
  • Snow quality
  • Avalanche risk
  • The state of the sky, the rain/snow limit, the temperature, the 0°C isotherm and the wind

Due to a technical problem with reporting information, we invite you to consult the bulletin directly on the ski area website.

The weather over the next 4 days in Combloux

° C
February Morning Afternoon Evening
Saturday 24
-3 ° C
6 ° C
-4 ° C
Sunday 25
-7 ° C
8 ° C
2 ° C
Monday 26
3 ° C
8 ° C
2 ° C
Tuesday 27
1 ° C
8 ° C
4 ° C

Our webcams to see the weather live

And because nothing is more reliable than live weather, don't forget to check out our webcams in the ski area!

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