Take to the skies, the view is even more exceptional from the peaks! Put on your harness and set off on an adventure on the region's climbing and Via Ferrata sites, in the Mont-Blanc, Aravis and Fiz mountains.

In front of you the mountain stretches as far as the eye can see, while under your feet, towns and villages swarm at the bottom of the valley. From Chamonix to the Col des Aravis, superb natural sites await you.

Climb safely with a qualified instructor

To discover climbing or the Via Ferrata at your own pace and serenely apprehend the void, nothing better than the help and wise advice of a mountain expert. Our climbing instructors guide you in your practice and teach you the safety rules and good practices for climbing but also for belaying a climber.

Lessons and climbing courses

Médonnet bouldering site in Combloux

Climb Combloux Médonnet
Médonnet bouldering site

In the heart of the Médonnet forest, practice on the many granite blocks of this exceptional site.

Around 200 lines await you, graded 4b to 8a, to satisfy all styles of climbers, of all levels and of all ages.

The routes go up to 6m in height, it is strongly recommended to come equipped with a crash pad (mattress to cushion falls).

Getting to the Médonnet site

Climbing sites in the Pays du Mont-Blanc

Climb a cliff in the area and, once at the top of the route, admire the panoramic view of Mont-Blanc and the neighboring mountain ranges. The Pays du Mont-Blanc is full of climbing sites, from the rock accessible to everyone without an approach walk to the multi-pitch route for seasoned climbers, not to mention the sites at altitude after a beautiful hike lasting several hours. There is something for all tastes and all levels just a few minutes from Combloux.

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Information to know before venturing into Via Ferrata:

  • Call on a qualified guide to accompany you and initiate you in complete safety.
  • Ratings are expressed in letters from F (Easy) to ED (Extremely difficult). The level takes into account the height and the sporting level required.
  • Specific equipment is essential. At least a harness, special lanyards for the Via Ferrata and helmet. A rope may be recommended.
  • Be sure to check the weather forecast before planning your outing. It is often impossible to turn around in Via Ferrata.
  • Loopholes or alternative routes to circumvent a difficult part are sometimes offered along the way. Find out the route before you go.

Climbing halls for climbing all year round

To train all year round or to occupy a day of bad weather, come and practice in one of the climbing gyms in Megève, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, Les Houches or even Chamonix. Our rooms offer a multitude of routes for all levels and different profiles to vary the pleasures: slab, slope, overhang,...

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