The very first Escape Game offered by our entertainment team awaits you! Immerse yourself in the unique decor of the Abandoned Chalet. Be careful, you risk not being able to get out again...

Escape Game in Combloux: the mystery of the abandoned chalet

In the village of Combloux, the once cozy chalet of Mr. and Mrs. Dupont had become the subject of many rumors. The couple and their child had mysteriously disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a deserted chalet. Intrigued by the mystery that hovered over this residence, you, seasoned investigators, have decided to lift the veil on this enigma.

One freezing winter day, investigators enter the chalet. As soon as you enter, the door suddenly closes behind you, a chain and a padlock locking the exit. You are trapped. To unlock the secret of the chalet, explore the room for clues. The walls seem to whisper riddles, and the objects scattered around tell a strange story.k

Between cryptic puzzles and unexpected surprises, you will embark on a race against time to solve the mystery of the abandoned chalet. Will your insight be enough to unravel the threads of this enigma and escape before time runs out?

Observation, exploration, manipulation of objects and deduction are the ingredients of this new game open to all and at a very reasonable price! A great activity to try with the family this winter.

Prices and reservations

Session duration: 1h


By reservation only:

  • At the Tourist Office reception
  • Online


Unique price : 20 €

Limited to 5 players per slot

Who will have the best time of the winter?

  • Current record: 17 minutes and 30 seconds – held by The Guiroults
  • Old record: 33 minutes and 30 seconds – held by the Wolves of Combloux

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