Let yourself be immersed in the history of Combloux and its region by walking the themed trails of the Pays du Mont-Blanc.

Thematic itineraries through Combloux

Baroque path to meet the most beautiful churches and chapels of the Pays du Mont-Blanc, loop of the graniteurs to learn all about the exploitation of Mont-Blanc granite, 100% organic walk to discover the biotope lake and its ecosystem… Discover the jewels of Combloran heritage and learn more about the development of the village over the centuries.

Randonnée sur “le Sentier du Baroque”

La boucle du patrimoine

Sentier des Graniteurs

Balade “100% bio”

All themed trails in the Mont-Blanc region

Discover the theme trails of the Pays du Mont Blanc, where each step will reveal a little more about the hidden treasures of the region.

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