Combloux is THE ultimate family nature destination for going on holiday in the Alps with children, all year round. Benefiting from a wide range of outdoor leisure activities that vary with the seasons, the mountain is an incredible playground for young and old. Focus on the best parent-child nature activities to try during a stay in our alpine village: something to (re)discover with your family the local fauna and flora while immersing yourself in the authenticity of our mountains.

Due to its privileged geographical location, the vast majority of Combloran distractions take place in the heart of nature: What good news for lovers of wide open spaces! *

A family stay in the Alps is a godsend for sharing common outdoor leisure activities with those around you. As it is not always easy to meet everyone's expectations, our 100% family destination takes up the challenge and gives you its entertainment suggestions to bring young and old together.

The purpose of this page is therefore to introduce you to our selection of combloran outdoor activities, who, in accordance with requirements of the family label +, are accessible to both children and adults. One thing is certain: in Combloux, everyone will find what they are looking for!

Combloux, a nature destination for a family trip all year round

In the village, in nature, or near the peaks – whatever the reason or the time of year – all the excuses are good to enjoy the benefits of a family walk. What's more, our charming village reinvents and rediscovers itself every season.

Head for the multitude of excursion opportunities available to you around Combloux!

Explore Combloux and its summits on foot and with the family

family in flowered fields combloux

Sporty or contemplative, Combloux is the ideal playground for practicing outdoor activities.

How about a breath of fresh air with the family to find the best view of Mont-Blanc? There's nothing like a bit of physical activity in the mountains and in the company of loved ones to recharge your batteries.

Since a stay in the Pearl of the Alps is the perfect opportunity to discover our exceptional alpine landscapes - whatever your age or physical level - here are our ideas for family activities to enjoy nature in Combloux.

Family hikes to do independently with children

There is no age to begin to survey the alpine trails comblorans! Even in the Pays du Mont-Blanc, hikes are not exclusively reserved for good walkers and other seasoned athletes.

Here is our suggestion of beautiful mountain getaways to practice at any age. Enough to get some fresh air as a family in a magnificent natural environment!

The 11 commandments of the little budding hiker

Before leaving
  • An adapted activity, you will choose
  • Your itinerary: carefully, you will watch
  • Le weather report, you will consult
  • In your pocket: your name and contact details, you will keep
  • Everything you need (sunscreen, snacks, water bottle, sunglasses, camera, helmet if necessary): in your backpack, you will provide
  • Another person, of your departure, you will inform
In the mountain
  • To preserve the beauty of flowers: on the trails, you will stay
  • After your passage: fences and barriers, you will close
  • The tranquility of the animals, you will respect – they do not eat the same thing as you
  • your picnic: for you, you will keep / your waste: in your bag, you will bring back
  • With other users: nice, you will be

Ideas for original activities to try in the mountains with children

Discovering Combloux and its natural family activities

To the delight of visitors of all ages, a wide range of nature activities awaits you in the picturesque village of Combloux: walks, hikes, farm visits and activities, etc.

Life-size family visits

Visit of Les Montagnards farm

child playing in hay cow paddock
Soren Rickards / OT Combloux

During school holidays, the GAEC Les Montagnards opens its doors to the public. Completely refurbished in 2013, this farm, which brilliantly combines tradition and technology, is the pride of Combloux. An exciting visit rich in learning, which will certainly arouse the interest of young and old alike.

Milking cows at GAEC Val Mont-Blanc

portrait two cows barn val mont blanc
Marine MARTIN – OT Combloux

The Paget family welcomes you to introduce the whole family to milking cows, an ancestral know-how used in the past in the mountain pastures.

Need to stock up on good local products? No need to leave the Pearl of the Alps to feed your family decently!

Here, everything you need is close at hand. Moreover, if you wish to obtain good handicrafts : visit The store La Ferme du Val Mont-Blanc in the center of the village of Combloux! It is also the perfect opportunity to come meet our regional producers. Practical: you can find raclette machines for rent here.

Outdoor activities to try with the family in Combloux and its surroundings

Depending on the weather, the season, your desires, your physical abilities… the Pays du Mont-Blanc's family leisure offer can be combined in all weathers.

The Jardin des Cîmes, a relaxing break facing Mont-Blanc

Friends of nature, how about a moment of tranquility and discovery in the company of your loved ones? Ideally located on the Plateau d'Assy, the Jardin des Cimes is a unique place of nature, creation and culture enjoying a breathtaking view of the Mont-Blanc massif.

photo garden path ppromenade full nature blue sky

During a pleasant one-hour ride accessible to everyone, young and old alike can soak up thedreamlike atmosphere of this little corner of paradise, through a original immersive journey appealing to the 5 senses. In the program :

  • immersion in the heart of mountain environments,
  • discovery of plant species and vegetable gardens of the world,
  • sound walks through the peaks,
father and granddaughter in educational garden facing mont blanc

Bonus: once the walk is over, you have the option of continuing your journey in a tasteful way at the garden café.

In short, this educational garden become a reference in the Pays du Mont-Blanc will arouse the curiosity of young and old.

In Combloux, fill up on adrenaline and beautiful landscapes with your family!

Does your tribe have an adventurous soul? If you like things that take your breath away and your children aren't shy either, the whole family will be served in Combloux. Our exceptional territory has its share of thrilling activities!

Here are our leisure suggestions to get your adrenaline levels up, and thus live an extraordinary experience, alone or with your family.

The pleasures of water, our selection of outdoor water sports for everyone

In Combloux, vary the summer activities! A source of joy and pleasure for children, aquatic leisure activities are outdoor activities that delight both the youngest and the not-so-young.

With nautical activities, you will achieve, without fail. These disciplines are shared with the family for even more good times.

The Combloux biotope lake

This summer, dive into pure water facing Mont-Blanc, a stone's throw from the village center! Since 2022, Combloux has had the first ecological body of water open to swimming in France.

This natural swimming pool – designed for both sports enthusiasts and lovers of water games – will delight families in summer!

So that parents and children can enjoy the joys of 100% natural swimming (thanks to the plants that regenerate the water), reservations are strongly recommended.

Learn to swim from an early age in a heavenly setting

Suggestion of an unforgettable experience for the youngest: swimming lessons, accessible from the age of 5, are provided in the idyllic setting of the biotope lake.


Information and registration at the reception of the body of water and with the lifeguards.

Experience white water sports with the family: a sensational outdoor activity

Do your children want to experience thrills on the water? Never mind, our rivers and streams urge you to get out of your comfort zone!

If your family is sporty in nature while enjoying being in contact with nature, a cocktail of fun and adrenaline for young and old awaits you.

Canyoning, rafting, canoeing, hydrospeed or even stand up paddle are the new pleasures of water in the mountains. Select the one that inspires you the most and go on a family river expedition!

Learn about the pleasures of family fishing

Do you want calm to vary the pleasures of the outdoors with your children? What would you say to learning about the pleasures of family fishing?

Fishing is a very relaxing discipline for nature lovers. Whether on the river or in mountain lakes, in Combloux, you are spoiled for choice!

In addition to teaching them patience, teaching your children to fish will benefit them for a lifetime.

If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you teach him to fish, he will always eat.

In short, fishing as a family will allow your whole tribe to breathe fresh air and share good times together at the water's edge.

Enjoy a moment of well-being surrounded by nature with your loved ones

Small family yoga sessions at the Combloux biotope lake

parent child yoga downward facing dog pose waterside

Who said the benefits of yoga were only for adults?

Whether you are an inveterate yogist or a neophyte, practicing yoga as a family is within everyone's reach. This will allow you, among other things, to improve the overall well-being of your whole little tribe – for a zen and serene holiday in the mountains.

In the summer season, parent-child yoga sessions are offered near the Combloux biotope lake.

Picnic with the family facing Mont-Blanc: to enjoy nature while eating

Combloux is full of nice places to picnic with the family. To save you time when your whole tribe is hungry, here is our selection of picnic areas accessible from Combloux.

The best picnic areas in Combloux accessible to families

father mother child sitting in fields summer picnic facing mont blanc

At the village

  • The balance
  • Way of Cuchet
  • Ridge of the Four
  • The Bouchet
  • Bowling green body of water
  • Tennis court
Accessible by stroller
  • Louparc
  • the Tourist Office
  • Body of water Biotope
  • Church playground
  • ZAC roundabout
  • Cuchet car park

In the pastures

  • plain joux
  • Halls Summit
  • Le Châble
  • Plan of the Ladies
  • New House (Demi-Quartier sector)
  • Top of the Jaillet gondola (Megève sector)

The picnic rooms of the ski area at the gates of Mont-Blanc

Combloux picnic room

  • Location: next to the central cash desk
  • Capacity: Max 100 people
  • Equipment: Distributor of hot and cold drinks, microwave, water heater...

Megeve picnic room, Le Jaillet

  • Location: at the top of the Jaillet gondola
  • Capacity: Max 50 people
  • Equipment: Distributor of hot drinks

Picnic room in La Giettaz-en-Aravis

  • Location: next to the central cash desk
  • Capacity: Max 40 people
  • Equipment: Distributor of hot and cold drinks, microwaves and sweets.

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