Looking for a mountain destination offering a wide range of snow activities suitable for children? In Combloux, experience a memorable mountain vacation with your family.

Children and family activities in the ski area

The family resort of Combloux, suitable for all levels, offers slopes with varied profiles that will also delight beginners.

Learn to ski from a young age

The Combloux resort is adapting to allow progressive and stress-free learning to ski.

ESF Combloux supports your children in their learning through various services:

  • A Pioupiou Club for children aged 3 to 5
  • A gardiski system from 3 years old, which combines skiing and daycare for the day or half-day
  • A beginner's area with 3 snow lines and 2 adapted slope profiles (only for ESF students)
  • Group or private lessons
  • Personalized adapted rates (free package for children under 5 years old, child rate for 5 – 14 year olds, beginner package and family rate)

Play areas: spaces dedicated to children, but not only!

Want to vary the pleasures on snow in Combloux? Thanks to furnished play areas children will have fun while progressing on their spatulas!

A way to introduce yourself to the joys of skiing and learn skiing or snowboarding in a fun way.

child on skis tapping hand module play area resort combloux esf instructor background

A wide range of off-ski activities for young and old

Because there is no age limit for having fun in the snow – whether you like skiing or not – our 100% family village resort provides young and old with a wide range of off-ski activities.

From traditional leisure to totally innovative disciplines, all you have to do is pick from these original activities to concoct for you and your whole family a dream program for an unforgettable stay in the Northern Alps!

Snowshoeing, an ideal winter activity for children

Want to diversify snow activities in Combloux with children, regardless of their age? Spending a winter stay in the mountains with the family and enjoying the snow without skiing is possible, and moreover in the era of time!

What would you say about exploring the great outdoors with your family? In Combloux, winter hikes are just waiting to be explored! When winter knocks at the door, snowshoes are your best ally for moving safely through the snow. Children will then be able to discover the winter fauna and flora while having fun. A great opportunity to strengthen family ties.

Accompanied snowshoe outings with the family with our local experts

Want to go off the beaten track with those around you? Mountain enthusiasts, our snowshoe specialist guides take you to discover nature in complete safety with your children.

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