Snowshoeing in Combloux will make you discover the beauty of the snowy landscapes. A moment out of time, face to face with nature, to live alone or to share with friends or family.

Snowshoeing is accessible to everyone and does not require any particular technique. It will appeal to your physical condition. It will therefore simply be necessary to choose the course adapted to your form. At the beginning or end of the season, when the snow is less present, it is also possible to hike on the routes on foot.

On foot or on snowshoes: make the right choice!

Snowshoes will be your best ally for hiking on snow! Moreover, we strongly advise you not to venture on the snowshoe routes without equipment... Your walk could become a real hell.

On the other hand, when the amount of snow is very low and you are not at risk of sinking, it is possible to opt for walking without snowshoes. Remember to equip yourself with crampons to fix under your shoes in order to maintain a good adhesion on the ground and not to slip.

All snowshoe routes from Combloux

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2 km9 km
130 m824 m

Itinéraire raquette : La Crève-Coeur

itinéraire raquettes : Plan des Dames

Itinéraire raquettes : liaison Megève

Itinéraire raquettes : les Montavus

Itinéraire raquettes : le Vernay

Itinéraire raquettes : La Cry – Christomet

Itinéraire raquettes : l’Alpage de Beauregard

Itinéraire raquettes : Liaison Combloux/Cordon

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Snowshoeing with a view of Mont-Blanc

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