Discover a pumptrack like nowhere in France! In the heart of the village of Combloux and the mountains, come and ride on a 210m long track with 2 circuits.

What is a pump track?

Equipment designed for BMX and mountain bike fans, pumptracks have been around since the 90s. They consist of closed-loop tracks, which alternate series of small bumps, banked turns and larger bumps allowing jumps to be made. To ride on a pumptrack, you have to “pump” (“pump” in English) between the bumps in order to gain speed and be able to do laps without having to pedal. The first pumptracks were made in the ground. Today, they are covered with asphalt and adapt to all types of wheels, from bicycles to skateboards, including scooters and rollerblades.

Combloux Pumptrack

Created in 2016 by the Bike Solutions teams at the request of the municipality, the Combloux pumptrack was the first of its kind to see the light of day in the Pays du Mont-Blanc. Since then, it has inspired many projects in the region and throughout France.

Located next to the skate-park in the “Louparc” play area behind the town hall, this equipment faces an exceptional panorama of the Fiz range and Mont-Blanc and is a delight for lovers of sliding on wheels, whatever be their age!

With a length of 210 m, this asphalt track offers a series of bends, dips, coiled or jumped bumps allowing multiple combinations. It's up to you to play with the relief to never pedal!

A special pump track

The Combloux pumptrack has a special feature: it offers 2 routes.

A red with a length of 110 m on the periphery for the most seasoned and a blue of 100 m inside for those who wish to learn about the practice and discover the sensations.

These 2 circuits benefit from connections between them to create new variants.

The icing on the cake: the profile allows you to test routes in both directions.

Initially dedicated to BMX, the pumptrack is accessible by mountain bike, scooter, skateboard and rollerblades and can be discovered at any age. It is freely accessible throughout the year (subject to favorable weather conditions).

Getting to the Combloux pumptrack

Next to the town hall
74920 Combloux
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Also to do on site

The Combloux pumptrack is located in the heart of the Louparc leisure area. On site you will find a multi-activity ground (football, basketball, athletics), a skate park, game modules for young children as well as an acrobatic course and an agility module for teenagers. Conviviality zone, it is also the right place for a picnic break with the family or a gourmet snack in the afternoon.

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