Historic site and monument
in Cordon

Les greniers de Cordon

These are wooden constructions, on stilts, with a large threshold, often two stories high, close to the house. They have different names: raccards, mazots, but they all have the same purpose: to protect the family's wealth from the fire.
Built at the front of the house in relation to the prevailing wind and a good distance from the bread oven to be protected from a possible fire, their construction in fir tree for the most part and in dovetail did not use nails or iron, except for the lock on the front door. On stilts to avoid the humidity of the earth, with a large threshold, often two stories high, they contained the family's wealth!
Not the golds and the silvers no, the important things!
Bread when it was baked, cereal flours, pork dried in the chimney so smoked, deeds of sale, purchase, inheritance of land, houses and woods.
Passports when we had one, without forgetting the brandy which was also used to “cork” the cattle,
The famous Sunday clothes which were none other than those made for getting married.


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74700 Cord
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