Portrait of the territory: Adrian Lafont, young hope of French skiing

At just 18 years old, Adrian Lafont has embodied a passion for alpine skiing since his childhood in the mountains of Combloux. Discover the exceptional journey of this local athlete, his decisive choices, and his commitment as an ambassador for his native resort, where he forged his career and his dreams on the snowy slopes of…


Portrait of the territory: Tony Peytoureau, talented young pastry chef and chocolate maker

If you have a sweet tooth and a love for art, the work of Tony Peytoureau, pastry chef at Délice de Combloux, will hold your attention. From the top of his 22 years, this culinary artist “never comes out of his egg”. Having a singular vision of pastry, it is the head full of projects...


Portrait of the territory: Baptiste Chassagne, high-level trail runner

Baptiste Chassagne is a top athlete. His disciplines: trail and ultra. Our athlete represents Combloux and performs well in renowned races! He notably performed on the OCC of the UTMB (6th), the CCC of the UTMB (9th), the French Trail Championships (3rd), the SaintéLyon (4th), the Transgrandcanaria…


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