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It's official, the MB Race, the most difficult race in the world, returns from June 28 to June 30, 2024. The meeting is between Combloux and Megève for this new edition!
All information on www.mb-race.com

The MB RACE has existed since 2010. This mountain bike race, as demanding as it is breathtaking, takes place in the Portes du Mont-Blanc area (Combloux, Megève, La Giettaz, Cordon, Sallanches). It stands out in the panorama of mountain biking because it is the only one that displays a one-day event of such a long distance: 140 km with 7000 meters of elevation gain. A race that counted only 1 finisher out of 600 runners in 2010, which earned it the label of the most difficult race in the world.

The event remains OPEN TO ALL with its 9 events offered.

On the program for the 2024 edition:

* MB Ultra Somfy: 70 km | 100km | 140km
A now legendary race on the trails of the Mont-Blanc region. After a common start, the riders will be able to decide in due time whether they want to stop or continue until the ultimate distance and thus join the prized circle of Finishers of the most difficult mountain bike race in the world.

* MB Explore: 20 km | 35 km | 55 km
In 2024, the MB Explore is reinventing itself to allow all mountain bike lovers to embark on a first 100% MB Race challenge. You will have the choice between three distances: 20, 35 or 55 km with respectively 800m, 1500m and 2200 m of D+. The first part of 20 km, open from the cadet category, will take you from Combloux to the Mont d'Arbois side. At that point, you will have the choice to stop or continue for another 15 or 35 km. If the 35 km will take you to the well-known Jaillet sector, the 55 km is completely new and promises you a magnificent moment of mountain biking!

* MB E-rando – ATMB discovery: 15km
A brand new hike for electrically assisted mountain bikes which is very accessible with a 15 km route and a majority of motorable trails but always facing Mont-Blanc. This hike is open to ages 10 and up, so you can come and participate as a family!

* MB E-sport hike ATMB: 20km | 40km
Focused on the future of cycling, the MB Race also knows how to discover its hiking trails by mountain bike-AE. A format that will delight lovers of beautiful routes. Food in local colors and festive entertainment.

*MB FTT: 20km
Because it is important to us to share our passion for cycling with as many people as possible, we launched the MB FTT in 2023 in collaboration with the Haute Savoie Handisport Committee and Loisirs Assis Evasion. This hike is intended for people with reduced mobility who use an electric all-terrain wheelchair on a route of 20 km and 800 m D+. Registrations for this event are made through the Haute-Savoie Handisport Committee.

*MB Kids
The MB Kids is the MB Race reserved for young champions between the ages of 7 and 14! Future budding champions, they will be the MB Finishers of tomorrow!

* MB Balance Bike
The MB Draisienne is the race for little ones for a great introduction to the MB Race. For children aged 2 to 6, this bike without pedals and without wheels is a perfect way to learn balance, it allows you to progress much faster on 2 wheels while having maximum fun!

*MTB Alpine Cup
Taking the start of the MTB Alpine Cup means having the objective of pushing your limits ever further! With more than 436 km and 17 m of D+ accumulated over the 000 events, the MTB Alpine Cup is an “out of category” challenge.

* MB Enduro:
This year, the MB Enduro is canceled due to the Enduro World Cup in Combloux. More information on the dedicated page in the “Highlights” section of the website www.combloux.com


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All information on: www.mb-race.com

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