If you are an avid hiker, it is likely that you have already come across a herd of sheep accompanied by one or more guard dogs, such as patous. Thanks to this mapping, be one step ahead! Plan your route while having a detailed view of the alpine areas where sheep are protected by guard dogs in Combloux.

Mapping of herds guarded by guard dogs in Cordon

It should be noted that these maps of the location of guard dogs in the mountain pastures of Cordon may vary due to their mobility and fluctuating deployment. Therefore, this precise information may vary over time.

Order prohibiting domestic dogs on the Croisse Baulet mountain pasture

Patous are guard dogs used to protect livestock from predators. While we understand what wonderful companions domestic dogs can be on your outdoor escapades, their However, presence in the Croisse Baulet mountain pasture is prohibited until September 19, 2023 inclusive.

In other words, for everyone's safety, dog owners are not allowed to come and hike with their faithful companion in the Croisse Baulet mountain pasture, even if he is on a leash.

We invite you to respect this measure with kindness and to take full advantage of the beauty and tranquility offered by the Croisse Baulet mountain pasture.

Good practices for behaving in front of a patou

If you are wondering how to act appropriately in the presence of a guard dog, discover without further delay the guide of the Institut de l'Élevage.

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