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Le Château volant : ateliers manuels

The Flying Castle is the Château des Rubins – Observatoire des Alpes which comes to your home, for you!
The Flying Castle, what is it?
A pinch of history and science: discover gestures and know-how on the theme of the Mountain. The magic formula of enchanting mediators? Their expertise, their treasure chests, their models and their energy… The Flying Castle is a bit like hosting an episode of “It’s not rocket science” at your home!

Who is it for ?
From 5 to 105 years old: there is something for everyone! Activities designed for adults as well as children or for those unable to travel. They can be organized by a municipality, a tourist office, an association, a leisure center, a holiday center, a hotel, a campsite, a nursing home or an individual for a family event...

La Rubinoteam, the castle's mediation team, offers you a wide range of fun and original workshops, including a large practical part, discovery of techniques, experiments and creations using materials and tools.
Duration: 1h30
Capacity: 12 people

Manual workshops:
– Knock on wood! Understand trees through a sensory discovery of bark, leaves, smells... From 5 years old.
– Plant paints. Make paints, dyes and inks… from plants. From 5 years.
– Valves and ries. Try basket weaving with wild plants. From 5 years.
– As the hair goes. Experiment with the steps to go from raw wool to yarn. From 5 years.
– Let’s weave the story. Experiment with different weaving techniques and design your own fabric sample. From the age of 8.
– Recycl’art! Shop in the Châtelains thrift store and give free rein to your imagination to give new life to worn clothes. From the age of 8.
– And it gets hot! Test the techniques for making fire in Prehistoric times then try a Cro-Magnon Man “fire kit”. From 8 years old.
– Along the plants. Learn how to make your prehistoric material with plant resources harvested from the surrounding mountains. From the age of 8.
- Magic potion. Concoct a blend of plants for an invigorating potion! From the age of 8.
– Swinging plants! Make your own musical instrument using plants and become a musician in the leaf-harmonic orchestra! From the age of 8.
– Jewels of the Forest. Create your original and personalized jewelry based on seeds and wood (pendants, necklace, earrings)! From 8 years old.
– Sculpt yourself! Learn about the art of wood carving! Experiment with the gestures and techniques of this artisanal know-how! From 12 years old.
We speak French

Location accuracy

The Flying Castle can be built anywhere in the Haute-Savoie and Savoie regions.


Duration of the session: 90 min

Customer base

Reception of school groups, Reception of summer camps, Special family with children, Special students, Special adolescents, Reserved for groups, Reception of groups, Special children
Minimum age required: 5 years
Maximum group size: 12


  • Materials provided
  • Workshop / Initiation / Discovery
  • Supervised practice

Cultural activities

  • Craft entreprises
  • Needlework
  • The Woodcraft
  • Creative hobbies


Opening hours from January 01 to December 31, 2024
Further information) :
On demand


Single price

200 €-
Further information) :
Flat rate of €300 (for a 1h30 service, supplies included, within a radius of between 51 and 100 km from Sallanches).

€100 per additional service on site.

Any reservation not followed by attendance and not canceled 72 hours before the day of the service will be fully invoiced

Payment method

  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Bank / credit card
  • Bank transfer


Home animals

Pets are not accepted

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