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Curious, do you want to better understand your body? Sportsman, monitoring your energy performance is important? Do you have the feeling of being drained, without energy? Do you have chronic or unexplained ailments?
Make an appointment for an energy balance using biophotonic imaging

A bridge between the rational world of science and the intuitive world of ancient traditions

The energy balance using biophotonic imaging makes it possible to measure the degree of vitality of a person through their electro-photonic radiation. By quickly scanning your energy field (Qi in Chinese medicine) by recording at the finger level, you will see in real time the functional status of your organs, energy centers and meridians.

University graduate with expertise in biophotonics, monitoring for the prevention and treatment of these functional statuses is possible at the end of the assessment, thanks to:
– Energy techniques adapted to each person
– unblocking and recirculating the meridians (MTC)
– Yoga Therapy through key postures, breathing techniques, meditation

The session will be oriented according to your needs and expectations, whether in the field of physical, physiological or psychological well-being.
And finally (and above all), we will take the measurements again to see its effects on the energy body. A detailed report will be given to you (~25 pages).

Just as it is important to take care of our body, it is equally important to pay attention to the place in which we live. An assessment of the influences of your place of life on living things (magnetic, electric fields, water, underground faults, etc.) with a plan to scale is offered to you.

Further information :
– The office is located at 125 route de Sallanches (office shared with Combloux physiotherapists)
– Reservation required on
– Group energy yoga classes are offered all year round

Linda CRIVELLI is a university graduate in biophotonics expertise, yoga teacher and scientific geobiologist (GEOBIOS approval). At the same time, she is also a consultant in HR and business management, which allows her to have a good knowledge of the influences and issues of our society impacting well-being.
We speak: English, French, Italian

Location accuracy

Cristaux car park in blue zone, 1h30 drive. Combloux bus stop, main town for lines Y83 and Y82.
  • Shuttle stop within 300 m
  • In the mountains
  • Public transport stop within 500 m
  • Resort center
  • Bus stop within 500 m


Duration of the session: 60 min


  • Supervised practice

Sports activities

  • Yoga
  • Form
  • Wellness


Opening hours from January 01 to December 31, 2024


Single price
13 €110 €
Further information) :
Price varies depending on the session chosen.


Home animals

Pets are not accepted

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125 Sallanches Road
74920 Combloux
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