At just 18 years old, Adrian Lafont has embodied a passion for alpine skiing since his childhood in the mountains of Combloux. Discover the exceptional journey of this local athlete, his decisive choices, and his commitment as an ambassador for his native resort, where he forged his career and his dreams on the snowy slopes of Crève-Cœur and La Cry.

A promising young talent who juggles between summits and studies, Adrian Lafont invites you into his world where skiing is an art of living.

Discover the journey of Adrian Lafont, athlete from Combloux

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Why alpine skiing? and not another discipline?

The choice of alpine skiing came naturally to me after having explored different sporting disciplines during my childhood, notably club football, judo, tennis.

However, as time went on, the training became more and more demanding, and I was eventually faced with a difficult choice between football and alpine skiing.

This moment of decision allowed me to think about what I was really passionate about, and so I decided to dedicate myself fully to alpine skiing. P

For me, it is one of the best activities that one can practice in the environment in which I operate.

How did you realize you had become a professional athlete?
Thanks to more specific pre-season preparation, challenges and travel to competition locations across France.

Pro skier at 18: Adrian Lafont shares his story

At 18, how is your life going? How do you experience life as a young athlete compared to the life of an average 18-year-old?
Currently, I am in high school and I am following a general baccalaureate course as part of a program adapted for young athletes like me, to allow us to best reconcile our passion for sport with our academic success.

This makes it easier to manage my schedule, although I must admit that juggling training, interviews, sponsor searches, administrative tasks and medical appointments requires careful organization. Without the help of my loved ones, it would have been very difficult to make ends meet.

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Adrian Lafont's advice for progressing in alpine skiing

What would be your advice for training and progressing in alpine skiing?
Ski as regularly as possible and watch how other, more skilled people ski.

Best memories about spatulas

What's your best memory ?
My best memory is undoubtedly returning to skiing last December, after having overcome my convalescence period following my injury. It was a very special moment for me, because getting back on the slopes and the feeling of sliding after this period of unavailability was a real liberation.

Another memory that remains etched in my mind is that of the season two years ago, during the year of covid when the ski lifts were closed. This season was marked by significant challenges, as it was complicated to find training sites and even obtain the right to train. It was an uncertain time, but it was marked by an exceptional moment.

adrian lafont on the podium

Indeed, despite all the difficulties encountered, we were able to participate in a race in the French championships at the end of the year. I didn't feel ready at all, especially after a first stage of the French championships where I was in difficulty three times (DNF – did not finish), having fallen during the course.

However, against all odds, I managed to win the first round of this race, and I repeated this performance the next day, thus obtaining two top 10s. These results reminded me that everything is possible in sport, even when circumstances seem difficult.

His favorite competition: the French championships

What is your favorite race/competition?
Without hesitation, the French championships! Unlike the rest of the season, this is a one shot. You only have to be good at one moment and that's what makes this race special.

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The importance of representing your home ski resort

Why did you choose to be an athlete partner of Combloux?
Well the question didn't really arise because it's the resort where I started in the club and where I have skied my entire career. So I am very happy to be supported by Combloux and to represent the resort at all levels.


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